Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Wide Wide World of Fabric Swapping/De-stashing

I have recently stumbled into the world of fabric swapping. Not the kind where you get together with your friends/enablers and swap but on the internet. I had NO idea there was such a subculture of swapping occuring on the internet, did you? Some are calling it "de-stashing" too. Do you have a Flickr account? If you don't you really should. In addition to being a great place to post your photos, share your photos and get a ton of inspiration it is a wealth of "groups". Who knew? There seem to be groups for just about everything but today I want to talk about swapping.

I have run across 2 swap groups that I am particularly interested in. One is called Craft Room De-Stash (Let's Swap) and the other one is called {Designer}Fabric-Stash-Swappy-Poo run by Heather of Alamode blog fame. In the second one you have to ask to join and be able to follow the rules of the group.

I have learned soooo much about what's hot and also have dipped my toes in the swappy waters, oh yes I have. This is AWESOME!! Do you know what ISO means? I didn't, but I do know. It means "In Search Of" and is something you list in your profile in Flickr. That way when you post a photo of something you have to swap people can check your profile and FM you. Don't know what FM means either? OK, it means Flickr Mail. When someone wants to "talk" to you about what you have to swap they FM you. You do need to add them as a contact in order to FM them though so make sure you do that. Once in awhile people take a photo of a stack of fabrics and put notes directly on the photo saying things like how much they have of that particular fabric or if one or more in the stack have already been spoken for. You could also put a note on one you want and then FM about it. Neat huh??

I had some velveteen Innocent Crush (AMH) to swap and I got some amazing Munki Munki fabrics in return for my fabrics. Wanna see what I got from Jessie? She was sooo generous with me and I am so happy! OK here ya go...
I was so excited about this! She even sent a nice little note thanking me for the wonderful swap. This was my second swap. I swapped a charm pack for some other Munki Munki fabric too. I didn't have any at all and people have been very generous. If anyone out there reading this has some Munki Munki or Mendocino to get rid of I'm your gal! LOL. You can always check my ISO and FM me!

OH, and because I told you all that I would here is a photo of me with my new hair style and highlight. Pretty similar to the old one just a few more layers which I'm not sure you can see from the front! Alright, enough education for one day. I have more to tell you but need to take some photos (in the daylight)
Just one more thing (can you stand it?) if you get a chance you should watch the movie called "Breast Movie". I came home from quilting last night and caught the end of it and laughed so hard!! It's about a guy that is an adult movie director and wants to make a serious movie using his adult film actors. The last hour I saw had no nudity in it but they do have some rough language, not profanity but anatomical words if you get my drift. Extremely funny and kind of cute though. If this kind of thing offends you then pretend I never said a word!

Have a great day and we'll talk soon!


rubyslipperz said...

OH Mama!! you've educated me right into another realm of "I want to try this...see what it's all about". I gotza so much on my plate already. But, now I GOTZTA learn more about - swaping and de-stashing... no, really, thanks for sharing...


Impera_Magna said...

Oooo... love your do! Very nice....

I'm not surprised there are fabric swaps "out there"... thanks for letting us know!

StitchinByTheLake said...

First of all I don't know what you looked like before but I can say you are cute now! :) Love the hair cut and the highlights both! Second I confess I have no idea what Munki Munki fabric is. :( But if I had some and I knew it I would send it to you! blessings, marlene

Mommarock said...

Sounds like fun.. just wish I had a shash to swap so I could have some fun.. maybe some day. I love your hair.. it looks young and fun.

Allie said...

Swapping fabric sounds fun! Your hair looks darling, Pam. I'm about ready to cut mine again, lol.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

I know about the swapping of fabric but I just want what they have!! and do not seem to have what they want! You got some great fabrics!! I did wonder what ISO meant, thanks!!!!

Crispy said...

What a great way to get some fabric you want and get rid of some that you will never use. It sounds like you are have a wonderful time with it.

Your new hair style is really cute (and so are you) :0)


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