Thursday, July 07, 2011

Don't You Just LOVE Swapping??

WHAT??  You say you have never tried swapping??  Why not?  I have done several trades using Flickr groups and they have been amazing!  I know I have talked about this before but I did some serious swapping recently.  One woman that I swapped with previously had a dragon print listed in her ISO, but no photo of the print.  I FM (Flickr Mailed) her but I just *knew* it was the print I had in a tub in the basement.  Sure enough, it was!  So we swapped.  I sent her that print and some other things and a few $$ and lookie what I got in return!

Loulouthi from swap

An entire FQ set of AMH Loulouthi!!! I was beyond THRILLED!! If you haven't seen it in person let me tell you some of these prints are fabulous!! I like it so much more IRL than I even did from the pictures of it. I'm especially in love with the jelly fish looking print (the three in the front on the left) and that zig zag stripe is so cool!!

If that wasn't enough another person was ISO something that I happened to have also and she was so generous with what I had a choice of swapping for too. These beauties are what I ended up with.

Both swaps were so great! So if you haven't tried swapping maybe you should think about doing it. There are 2 Flickr groups (that I know of) a Destash group and a Designer Swap group. You need a Flickr account. List your ISO (In Search Of) in your profile. You can either talk about things you have to swap or post pictures of what you have/want. People will be in touch if they have/want what you post about. Sometimes it helps to look at other's ISO's in their profiles too.

I was sewing on my quilt for Jacquie last night and on the couch behind me was this:

Aiden on my couch
"What? I was just trying to keep your fabric warm? Is that a problem?"
"No Aiden, no problem!"
Aiden on my couch
"All right then, I'm just going to snuggle in here and nap!"

And someone told me I manage my pet hair well, LOL! See all the plastic bags?? THAT's how I manage my pet hair!! That and I lay my quilts out somewhere other than my own house. I tried the floor and it is ok especially the wood floor because I can vacuum first, BUT all the cats and the dog feel like they need to walk through or roll around on whatever I have there. It makes it tough. So that couch you saw Aiden on? I usually lay the blocks on that, although I still have to shoo cats off of it. Sheesh, they think I put all that out for them. I wish I could have shown you Aiden this morning as I was leaving for work. She was rolling all over my cutting mat, wanting me to pet her belly. Now when I go home, before I can work, I will have to wipe all the cat hair off the mat. Mosen was on it last night too and I got some really cute pics of him but they have the new quilt in them too so I can't share them yet.

Hope you have a great Thursday and how do you manage your pet hair issues?? ~XOP~


Sara said...

What can I say, great swappin'!!!

I was wondering how people manage their cat hair;) Now I know. What we do for the love of our pets! Found out yesterday my boxer pup probably has roundworms and so $50 later he was treated and received a rabies and distemper shot. OH also the thermometer up his bum:p Poor guy and my poor wallet.

greelyrita said...

I've not come up with any fabulous techniques either. The floor in my sewing room is wood which helps as you know. I use my miracle brush but that is only so good. I do provide sleeping places where they can leave hair all they want.

RobynLouise said...

Ha ha, I'm a plastic bag fan also. I also use a thick vinyl table cloth which I place over the fabrics on the table, not on the table itself, to keep kitty's looking to lay in the nice warm sunlight (and comfy fabric!) off my stash. There's a strip of this that goes over the ironing board as well as farm cats have dirty/muddy feet and adore high places so I was forever washing my ironing board! Good thing they catch mice or they'd be homeless... well outside the home and relegated to the stock feed shed where they hunt.

Jan Maree said...

Easy peasy! I have two really cute dogs - and neither of them sheds! Yay!

Crispy said...

No hair issues here, after our last beloved pet walked the rainbow road we decided not to get anymore. As for swapping, most of my fabrics have holes in them for one wants holes...go figure LOL.


Allie said...

Ah yes plastic bags - they are the rule around here too. And then I have to wash everything, as my cat's hair seems to have wings - it floats all over the place!

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