Tuesday, August 09, 2011

ETSY Anyone?

Do you shop on ETSY?  Do you even know what ETSY is?  I happen to have an ETSY shop and I have a few things listed there.  It is kind of like a "buy it now" type deal on eBay, but way cooler.  All the things listed there are handmade, vintage or supplies.  I have just listed some vintage items but also have some supplies and some quilts.  If you get a minute you should stop over to ETSY and have a look around.  There is some amazing stuff there!

I came home yesterday and found Autumn laying on the deck railing.  I wanted to take her picture and of course she moved!  I did manage to snap a few cute ones though.
She fell when I opened the door, I think I scared her. She managed to "hang in there baby" though.

Does anyone else remember those posters with the cat hanging on to the tree branch?

I had to take the dog to see the vet last night. She has not been feeling well lately and we found out she has lost 13 pounds in the last year. They took some blood, and urine and a stool sample. We are waiting to get the results from the blood work back before we will know what we need to do. Keep your fingers crossed that it is a simple fix.
Laxy 03

My friend, Hiro from Japan is back visiting in the lab for the week. He and his wife,my dear friend, Yuki, brought me the most amazing little gift. Hiro told me that the company that makes these also makes the fabric for them. I am especially fond of the "angry" looking red bunny.
Gift from Yuki and Hiro

Just look at the detail on that little flower attached to the zipper pull. I miss Yuki so much! I hope she will be able to come back for a visit in the near future!

Lastly, I am sad to see a follower leave today. Let me ask you this, what makes you stay as a follower on someone's blog? I know the things I like but I would like to know what you guys like. What kinds of things keep you coming back. Just curious!

I realize this post is kind of jumpy but there is a lot of stuff happening lately. Have a wonderful day. ~XOP~


Elisa said...

I don't "leave" a blog once I "follow" them because I'm very choosy on which blogs I follow. I like your posts - I feel like I'm hearing from an old friend.

A better question for me is, "how do you acquire more followers?" I'd like to add more new friends in my daily interactions.

Impera_Magna said...

Etsy sellers love to see me coming... *lol* ...it's a great place to find the coolest stuff!

Hope your puppy will be on the mend very soon!

I lost a follower yesterday as well... I don't worry about it... but I do wonder. Sometimes, I think it's a glitch in Blogger...

Elaine Adair said...

Gosh - only two other comments!

Regarding returning to a blog, I just keep coming back to see your "fresh" "clean" style of projects. Photos are a MUST.

Gotta admit, some days, looking at all the posts on my reader (over 100), I'm merely clicking to clear them off. However, that reflects my own state of mind rather than reflecting the character of the blog content. I am not always "on", and embarrassed to admit I'm sadly, killing time.

Other days, when I see your photos, I can't WAIT to get started on something you've shown. Go figure! LOL Is all this clear as mud?

and so far, have NEVER been to ETSY - I spend enough already ! 8-)

Lee Ann said...

I have shopped at Etsy before and bought several things. My first purchase was last October - a necklace for my Goddaughter/niece when she gave birth to her daughter. I also got myself a necklace at the same time.

And, last month, I bought a complete bundle of half yard fabrics that I could not find elsewhere!

The third purchase was today. A necklace for another niece who will be giving birth to her third child soon.

I try to support crafters and not the mass merchandized stuff.

As for followers leaving, don't worry about that. It could be a glitch in Blogger, which Blogger is famous for. Or, it could be that they left blogger and are now following via a reader. Or... There could be a variety of legit reasons. You just never know. :-)

Personally, I read blogs via Google reader. Blogger drives me batty. So, I rarely check for new posts via Blogger. :-)

Your kitty is cute! I hope your dog gets to feeling better soon.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I love the kitty photos! And hope puppy is a simple fix. Sometimes people join blogs just for the give aways and don't really read along regular. Then they clear out. I don't worry about the numbers, I enjoy the folks that stop and respond.

Staci said...

Enjoyed the kitty photos, and I certainly hope your poor doggy will be well soon.
There are several reasons I stop following a blog: If the blogger stops blogging regularly (once a month or less), if he/she stops making things I enjoy seeing or if the blog becomes too personal or negative. This is my pet peeve: blogs with music! It's probably just me, but I hate music on blogs! I'm always frantically looking for the player on the blog so I can shut it off! There are only two blogs with music that I still visit, which shows how much I love them!

Allie said...

Oh no - I hope your pup is ok! I hate it when my animals are sick, they can't tell you what's wrong or where it hurts. Cute pouch, how lovely - you're right, that little flower is darling.

People leave blogs for lots of reasons. Maybe their life has just gotten too busy to read blogs anymore, maybe their tastes have changed. I wouldn't worry about losing one, girl - 100, now that would be bad, lol!

Crispy said...

Sweet gift!!

Don't take it personal if someone decided not to follow. Their cicumstances may have changed or they had to cut back because they aren't getting any quilting done (that happened to me and I stopped following 30 blogs). Just be thankful that those 400+ people who are still following aren't send you comments everyday LOL.


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