Friday, August 12, 2011

While I Was Home

I took yesterday off of work.  I was/am exhausted.  Both physically and emotionally.  I was so emotional on Wed night.  With everything going on with the dog and with my DD2 leaving to go to NC, so far away!  It's about a 12 hour drive from our house, or so DH tells me.  I guess I will have first hand knowledge on Saturday night as we will be making the drive.  First, thanks to everyone that took the time to comment and encourage me about Laxy, our dog.  I don't know if she will pull through this but I am doing everything I can to help her make it over the hump.  I've given her subcutaneous fluids twice and she is a trooper about sitting still while I stick her and put the fluids in.  I have to give her Malox 3x a day to help bind up the excess Phosphorus and she is tolerating my shoving that berry tasting liquid into her mouth.  I found the antibiotic pills are *much* easier to swallow wrapped in a piece of turkey too.  She seemed perkier this morning.  Still not herself but more herself.  Time will tell and now it is in God's hands.  Thanks for the prayers!  We all appreciate them.

I had 2 friends tell me about doggie disasters recently.  One of them, her son's dog was bitten twice by a rattlesnake.  Once on top of the head and once in the eye!  The dog will lose sight in that eye and I am waiting to find out if it will be ok.  The other one, her dog had an ear infection that turned the ear canals to stone!  They did a surgery to remove the ear canal (who even knew you could do that?) and sewed the ears shut.  She is now deaf, but still alive.  Please keep these good people and their pooches in your prayers too.  I'm glad the cats are stable, one issue at a time, although we still have Blu, our peacock living in the house.  He had surgery on his ankle joint to remove a foreign object.  I have to give him his pill and liquid medicine tonight and tomorrow am, wish me luck with that!  I'm kind of nervous to do that.

So on to some other news.  Everytime I walk out my front door this is what I see, so I thought I would share it with you too.
My front yardFlowers in the front yard
I am in love with all the cone flowers that have sprung up! I am thinking about taking the bushes out and just letting them spread! Just look at those moon flowers too. Each morning when I step out they are open (they open at night). We are getting so many butterflies with all the cone flowers too.

Lest you think I have not been doing anything quilty I did make a trip to JAF yesterday looking for the new DS Quilts fabric due out in August. No luck, but I did happen on this DS Quilts fabric that I had not seen before.
DS Quilts Mystery fabric?Little Lisette
I didn't buy any but had put my camera in my purse in case I found the new fabric. Came in handy to take these pictures. Anyone else seen Lisette fabric? Is this a new line by her?

I finished up the gift for my friend. I still can't post the pic of the top since her birthday is not for a little while yet. I had laid it out on the couch behind my sewing machine. I open up the afghan and use it as my design wall. Aiden happened to be napping on the couch, of course. She just let me unfold it right over her and kept sleeping. I put the quilt top out and laid the borders around it to make sure I had them in the right order. She was just so cute I had to snap a few pictures. (Plus you get a little peek at the top )
Aiden sleeping
Aiden bathing

She was so adorable!

I guess that catches you up. I am hoping to make the back for that top tonight. I will also make the binding, if I can figure out which fabric I want to use for that. I think I want a deep navy, but may end up having to buy some since I used up the darkest one for the inner border, we will see. Family reunion tomorrow, then leaving for NC to bring DD2's car to her. She is taking our van and we are driving the little Saturn (hey how did that work??) We will be back on Tuesday night. You may not hear from me until we get home. So enjoy your weekend and we will talk soon.


Karen said...

I saw on an Aussie blog that they were getting a new DS series. I can't remember which blog or the name right now, but it wasn't Lisette.

OK, thank you Google :)

I feel so in the know posting this :)

Mommarock said...

So sorry your furr baby is sick. When I have to give mine pills, I cut up a hot dog in 1 inch sections, and shove the pill inside that. I give them one without the pill, and the next with the pill, they don't usually even chew it, and so pills away!!! Hugs to you!!!

Natalie said...

You have yours hands, and your heart, full.
Courage and strength... and very soon some sighs of relief, I hope. ((hugs))

Crispy said...

Safe travels my friend :0)


dianne said...

those moonflowers look like Datura - so don't go chewing on the roots or eating the seeds cuz we like you here on Earth (not flying over it in an other-worldly state of bliss/horror)

be safe on your journey, little sister

Quilt n Queen said...

So glad Laxy is a little perkier this morning...that is a step in the right direction...Aiden is so darn cute with her paw over her head....nice quilt too!! She will luv it!! I've always luved your moon flowers...beautiful!! and for feeling exhausted, I know the feeling....have a safe trip to NC...(o:

Deb said...

I love the "paw over head" pose by Aiden. When my kitty does that, I always think she is saying "too bright!! I want to's too bright!!"

I am happy to hear your puppy is doing better. Hope it continues!! safe!!

Elaine Adair said...

No one would EVER think you were doing "nothing"! 8-))

Hope your fur ball gets better - my, my, a LOT of medical attention!

Vickie said...

Wow! You have your hands full. I hope Laxy is so much better and the peacock! Hope you have a great trip to NC! Aiden is so sweet! Take Care!

Lotte said...

Im curious about the whole quilt top but the sneak peak looks good!

And I hope your dog will feel a bit better soon...

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