Monday, August 22, 2011

The Trip Home

So where was I?  We left DD2 as she rode away and headed on our way towards home. We were going to stop in Berlin Ohio on the way and spend the night.  Land of the Amish.  Lots of local quilt shops there.  I have put a ton of scenery shots up on my Flickr so I thought I would just talk about the quilt shops and stuff I bought while we were out and about.  If you want to see more though you can check it all out on Flickr, k?
The first shop we stopped at was called Quilts and Crafts and it was still in NC. Nice shop, nice owner and a great find. Look, DH even came in to look around and stretch his legs.
Quilts and CraftsFull Moon Forest
Full Moon Forest!! I haven't seen this for a long time! I bought what was left on the bolt, not much, and have already got swappers asking for some. SWEET!!
Next up was a shop called The Charming Chick. The owner was so nice and she even stayed open for us so we could stop! Lots a great wool and wonderful floss!

The Charming ChickThe Charming Chick
I bought quite a bit of the floss and DH found a pattern he wants me to stitch (in all my spare time, of course!) Also a cool magnetic needle minder.
From the Charming Chick

Then we were back on the road again heading for Ohio. We hit the town kinda late so we just went right to our hotel, The Inn at Amish Acres. AWESOME room and amazing view from our room. First straight out the window and then looking to the right.
Looking out the windowLooking to the right out our window
See the top of the building? That's where we ate breakfast! Amazing view and great view.
We ate breakfast on the porch up top

Time to shop! My friend Cory told me to make sure I went to Miller's Dry Goods. Apparently there are 2 shops side by side. The first one had quilts and hand made items the second one had fabric. Boy did they have some amazing fabric! Several that are HTF and OOP!!! Like this stack of Neptune and Hushabye
MMMM NeptuneHushabye

I ended up with some Neptune, some of the gray words by Sweetwater and some really dark navy for a binding to a quilt that is at the quilter's.
My purchases

They had some Good Folks on clearance too in case you're looking.
Good Folks

This was one great shop! I could have spent MUCH more than I did in there too.
You can see the inside and the back yard, very cool!
 Miller's Dry GoodsBehind Miller's Dry Goods
I could have hung out there all day! Next stop was in Berlin at the Country Craft Cupboard. I got a couple of patterns and a little bit of wool.
My haul from The Country Cupboard

I walked across the street to Helping Hands quilt shop and found 4 colors of the stripes from the Urban Chicks line called Sweet. All I can say about that is SWEET!

As we were driving around I became totally fascinated by the hay stacks, as in find a needle in one. These were stacked by hand and were adorable!
Something so personable about them. Doesn't the second one look a little like Cousin It??

We did some antiquing and I found to more vintage planters. I made the rooster into a pin cushion already and gave him to Liz for her birthday.
Siamese cat vintage planterRooster Pincushion
We went to the cheese place and bought some cheese to take home and then headed out for home. What a whirlwind trip!

I still have Liz's birthday to tell you about as well as some other purchases and my trip to the Checker open house today with Liz, Cori and Pauline so stay tuned, oh, and thanks for taking the time to stop by! ~XOP~


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Oh super buys - how I would love to go to Miller's Dry Goods - have heard lots about it.

Impera Magna said...

My idea of heaven is quilt fabric shops like these lining all the streets! :) Love finding undiscovered treasures like you did...

Quilt n Queen said...

Luv the rooster pin cushion.....Lucky you finding Sweet. Still looking for Hopscotch by Cloe's Closet. I'd luv to do a road trip again...hoping for one in October with DH.

RobynLouise said...

Road trips = fun, especially with those great views and wonderful shops! Lol, are you planning to visit DD2 on a regular basis? Just to check she's settling in ok, of course...and then you'd need to check out those shops again just to make sure there wasn't something you needed that you missed the first time :P!!

Jocelyn said...

I've visited my BFF who live near Akron, and we have gone to those same quilt shops. They are awesome.

dianne said...

okay, little mama - don't send me off to Flickr - where you KNOW i'm gonna see Over the River - and then not talk about it!!! ha ha ha!

Allie said...

What fun - great purchases, hon!

Sara said...

OOOOhhweeeee!!! Looks like a fantastic time Pam!!

The hay stacks remind me of home in WI:)

Love the Good Folks fabric you snatched and that yummy lookin' floss!

P.S. Mailed out that RD article today for you;)

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

What sweet shopping finds Pam - that sure helps make the trip more enjoyable.

Crispy said...

I'm so jealous when I see pictures of the great shops in Amish Country. Some day I'll make it there :0) You found lots of really pretty fabrics. Love the rooster pin cushion!!


ytsmom said...

I would love to visit some Amish quilt shops someday. The kitty and rooster are so cute. I have an Easter bunny (purchased for practically nothing at Hobby Lobby) that is waiting to be made into a pincushion, someday!

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