Friday, October 14, 2011

Surprise In the Mail

I was home from work yesterday.  I did NOT feel well at all.  Headache, fever, and exhausted!  UGH.  I really didn't want to be coming down with something.  I decided since I felt crappy anyway, I would go outside in the cool air and pull out plants and weeds.  I could sweat freely, look like I felt and everyone that saw me would just think I was working hard, LOL.  A neighbor I haven't seen in a long time was walking by (of course) and she stopped and we chatted and then she asked if she could help!  Apparently she likes pulling out dead stuff and weeds!!  What a blessing that was.  She didn't stay long but long enough to do some real damage with me on the front garden.  It's not very often someone offers to actually help weed!  Thanks Tracey!

I finally stopped after about 4 hours of plant pulling/weeding.  I went inside and changed my clothes.  I was going to go out to Target and get a few plastic bins to clear up the sewing room.  Just as I was about to step outside the doorbell rand.  It was my UPS boyfriend, Tom!  We talk politics all the time, it's fun.  He is a great guy.  So we were talking and he handed me a small box.  It was from United Notions.  HUH?  United Notions?  I didn't order anything from them.  So I went inside and opened it up and here is what was inside.

No Note just this beautiful Pezzy Prints Jelly Roll!! I think I know who sent it so I sent an email this morning and we will see. I am so excited to have this Pezzy goodness ahead of time! Thanks to my secret friend at United Notions!

I'm back at work today and feeling MUCH better. Whatever it was, I guess I needed sleep! I hope you are all well!!

MSU plays U of M this weekend so you know where I will be right? Parked in front of my TV!!! GO STATE!!!


Angie @ Summerfield Quilts said...

I'm glad you are feeling better today. That's a nice secret friend you have there.

Gill said...

Lucky you! I wish I had a secret friend at United Notions!

Impera Magna said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better... I'm sure that a very nice surprise like that was partly responsible!


Allie said...

Glad you're feeling better hon - how nice of your neighbor! Nice gift, hon!

Denise :) said...

Glad you're feeling better -- nice win! :)

Sara said...

Ah weeds,I went to Lowes today and bought some weed killer;)

Hope you feel much better soon.

Amy said...

Sorry you had the crud. I had a touch of it earlier this week. That's a nice fabric surprise.

tasha said...

what an awesome surprise in the mail!

glad you're feeling better and i bet your yard looks prettier too! :)

Pat / Silver Thimble Quilt Co. said...

Will you be at market? Come see me booth 833.

Anonymous said...

An unexpected roll of gorgeous fabrics absolutely makes one feel better and so is help pulling out weeds. (hate that chore too, blah!)
Glad you're better now;keep it up :)

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