Monday, October 03, 2011

Weekend Doings

I ended up having a surprisingly busy weekend.  On Saturday my DD1 wanted me to go out and run some errands with her so we did that and one of the places we went was the apple orchard.  I now have enough apples to try making, and canning some apple pie filling and some caramel apple jam.  If they turn out well I'll let you know!  I had to order some Clear Jel to use in the pie fillings, no cornstarch for this mama.  USDA recommends using Clear Jel.  So I had to go online to find and order it.  Looks like that means I make the jam first!  I did share my recipe with Liz and she gave it two thumbs up so time will tell.

I was, of course, watching the Michigan State football game!  We played Ohio State and won, but I missed the entire second half as we were off to meet DD1, her fella and his parents and sister and husband (for the first time).  We went to a local winery (Vintner's Canton Winery) and did a wine tasting.  This place buys the juice and turns it into wine.  Awesome!  They made pretty decent wine too.  You can go and make your own wine there as well and put a custom label on it.  Christmas gifts for this year?  Maybe so!

This was what the fermenting juice looks like when it is fermenting.
Making wine

There were 9 of us all together. Eric's mom and dad brought snacks and we brought a dessert, since it was his birthday it seemed like we should at least provide the cake! Reces cheesecake, mmmmmmm.
Shelby, Eric, and Eric's family

There was a group photo at the end too!
The group

We had a really good time!
Chris and Me

On Sunday, Chris was getting ready to be out of town for a couple of days so I headed to the grocery store. After he left it was the old, now what can I work on?! I decided the thing with the most urgent due date so cut up my vintage sheets it was. I didn't realize how many I had amassed over the last few months! Here are a few of them pre-cutting.
Vintage Sheet Stash

It took a surprising amount of time to do that! I needed to make fat quarters(ish) so I did that following In Color Order's great tutorial on how to do that. It sure works well! Now I have 25 FQ's to send off for swap. I cut enough to share some with Quilting Queen and even enough for her to send to swap too!! Unfortunately, by the time I was finished cutting it was too dark to get a good picture of the stack, but I will try to remember to do that tonight. Also of the two (finally bound) quilts going to MHC at the end of the week!

What did you do this weekend?? Was it fun? ~XOP~

PS: Did anyone notice my new header? What do you think?


Mommarock said...

Love the header.. Wish I looked so hot! LOL.

Impera_Magna said...

Love your new header.... perfect for October!

I'm glad you all had a great time at the wine-tasting... what a fun way to spend the afternoon! A Reeses cheesecake, huh? Paired with a dessert wine perhaps?


L&M Creations said...

Homemade apple pie filling, yum! What I have done is to actually make the pies themselves. I do up the crust and filling, but instead of cooking them, I wrap them in plastic wrap and aluminum foil and stick them in the freezer ( I buy tin pie plates). Then when we want pie, I just pull it out of the freezer, unwrap and cook like normal. It's like buying those expensive ones out of the freezer section at the store, but they're homemade and taste so much better.

Laura said...

I am developing a love for vintage sheets. I have a few but always want more.

Allie said...

Cute header! Sounds like a great weekend.

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