Sunday, April 29, 2012

It Was A Dad Kind Of Weekend

I decided to go to see my dad on Saturday instead of Friday 
so my DH could install a new kitchen faucet for him. 
Dad even cleaned all the stuff from under the sink before we arrived.
Then DH managed to get the faucet installed quickly.
We also found out he was going to get some new windows.  
More specifically a bay window and 2 new windows in his family room.  
This necessitated a lot of different cleaning than what I had planned. 
 He had a HUGE file cabinet right smack in the middle of the bay window area.  
There was also a table in the center of the living room piled with stuff and 
stuff all around it on the floor. 
 By the time we left, the file cabinet, the stuff on the floor and the table were all cleaned up.
 I filled my car and mad a trip to the Salvation Army and
 there were some of my DD1's things ready to pack and bring home. 
 All in all a productive day.

There has finally been enough clutter cleared
that they are working on getting a cleaning lady to come in and keep the bathrooms clean, the kitchen floor mopped and the house vacuumed. 
 My sister is even taken to cleaning up her stuff since there is some space to sort and clean. 
 I'm happy they are finally embracing the cleaning!!

We ended up getting home pretty late so not much but bed on Saturday night. 
Today was sunny but cold so I did some laundry and unpacked the car.  
I decided that I needed to work on my dad's quilt now too. 
 I have a loveseat behind my sewing machine and
there is an afghan on it that I roll down to use as my design wall. 
 I laid my dad's quilt so far on the design wall and turned around and look what I found.


 Oh Aiden!  
She just wanted to be near me.  
I worked diligently on finishing the top.

  All finished! 
I laid it on my queen sized bed and I think it is one row too long.

I'm not fond of square quilts but my dad has a full sized bed and it is the old kind.  
This quilt measures 84 X 96. 
 I think the width is good but 96 may be too long. 
Any thoughts? 
 I can always take off a row and use it on the back. 
 Also, not sure what to do on the back.
 I was thinking about looking for some pin up girls and airplanes.  
Does anyone know of fabric like that?

I have more to share but it will have to wait until tomorrow.
Two more days until the start of the Sliced Apples QAL
Are you playing?



Sara said...

I would take a row off and add it to the back perhaps:)

Ready for the QAL!

Aiden was a quilter in a previous life?

Anna said...

love the quilt...but the Aiden photos are priceless. There is something really satisfying about cleaning clutter!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Alexander Henry has a lot of pin-up girl fabric - just do a search "image of pin-up girl fabric" and you get lots. I think he had a girl with planes at one time. You can search for the planes fabric the same way. If you want the square quilt - remove one row and add to the back. Good luck with your fabric search.

Rachel said...

Awesome progress at dad's!!
Awesome progress on dad's quilt!
Aiden needs a quilt...Just saying!
Pin ups, Alexander Henry
Airplanes...Depends on what kind you are looking for. I have several prints I can look for names if you would like?

Donna~~ said...

Well I'm not sure but I don't think it will be too big--depends on if he will cover his pillows or use shams, but the quilt I made for my dad's bed (full) was 102 in length and it seems fine on his bed. I am not sure what the width was, but when I was there last time I was wishing I had actually made it wider--I hadn't planned for the shrink that happens with the quilting and cotton batting. According to the book Taking the Math out, suggested sizes for a double bed are 78 x87 (comforter with 12" drop), 86 x101 (coverlet--tucked in pillows 10" with 16" drop, or 85 x106 ( bedspread with 20.5" drop and 10" pillow tuck), so I'd think you are in range depending on what you want for drop and pillow tuck. Hope that makes sense...I'm sure he'll love it whatever size.

Mhairi said...

Spoonflower for interesting fabrics. And I would leave the bottom on. I hate having cold toes and love having the quilt up around my ears - most of my quilts I can do one or the other but not both! I prefer a long quilt that I can pull up and it can hang over the end of the bed and cover the pillows when the bed is made so it won't look funny.
Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Me myself, I would add another row to the sides and make it square. Remember once you get a body under the quilt, it sometimes doesn't reach the sides anymore. Nothing worse than having it too short, or too narrow. Bigger is better when it comes to quilts.

Karen said...

Totally agree with Ann Marie, bigger = better. :D

Allie said...

Yay that your dad and sister are embracing the cleaning!!! That will make your life so much easier, and theirs. My mom has been too, every time I go over there now there's more space, I love it. Your dad's quilt looks wonderful, but if it's too long, then by all means remove a row. Aiden sure approves, lol!

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