Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pairing Up Curious Nature

I know this is going to be brief but some of you were asking about what color I was going to pair up my Curious Nature prints with to make my quilt. 
I went over to Cori's house last night to lay it out on her fabric (Crazyquiltgirl's fabric shop).

To say that we were surprised with the final choice would be an understatement!
 I tried many, many colors. 
The gray in the line has a green undertone that is
not apparent until you try to put it with taupe/stone/cream fabrics.
 Not a single one of those worked.  Kona Ash, Medium gray, charcoal?
 Nope, nope and nope.
Oh dear. 
Kona Pepper?

Curious Nature with Kona Pepper


I posted a photo of it with the charcoal and in the photo it doesn't look much different than the pepper but trust me when I say the pepper is 100% a better choice.
We liked it on Charcoal but when we put it on Pepper it just popped.
Maybe Free Spirit should have had a couple of solids that would go with this line.

Crazy Quilt Girl has Kona Pepper in stock here,
if you are looking and want to pair it up with your Curious Nature fabric.
 Her prices are the best and her customer service is unbelievable!!

Cori is also going to be my partner in crime for my upcoming "event".
 I love surprises, don't you?



grendelskin said...

Nice! I've been fondling my bundle and thinking about it too. I wish, I wish he'd released the orange in quilter's weight, it goes beautifully but is only available in dec weight.

Heather A said...

LOL! Funny, Kona Pepper is exactly what Tammy from Marmalade Fabrics ( recommended, too, and for the same reasons. She said the other colours just weren't quite right. So there we go, that's two professional colour matchers opting for Kona Pepper. I'm sold.

Thanks for letting us know what you chose.

Allie said...

Very very pretty!!!

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