Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kitties, Kitties Everywhere

 Some business first. 
My friend Crazy Quilt Girl (CQC) has the new Denyse Schmidt book available on her website,
and it is discounted.
  So if you have been looking for this pop on over and snap it up. 
She only has one copy left so if you want it...RUN!!

In a house full of 5 cats and a dog those kitties are always where I am.
 I don't have much in the way of quilts to show at the moment so I bring you some kitties.

 Meet quilt inspectors Aiden (or Fatty McFatty as we call her),
and her brother, also a quilt inspector, Mosen.

I shot this video of them on my sewing table.  Aiden is the orange and white
and Mosen the black and white. 
They are both big talkers!

Runs in the family!

Then I managed to get this cute pic of Aiden in the sunlight.  She was rolling around trying to get my attention. 


I was working on a little something on my design wall when the Princess of the house,
 quilt inspector numero uno, Autumn,
thought she would have to check it out.
 Just to make sure I was doing it right.
She sure looks content, right?

Quilt Inspector Autumn 

AND, *ahem* you just might have seen a sneak peek at part of 
something special coming your way 
May 1st.
 Just sayin'... 

Any kitty lovers out there? 
Give me some kitty lovin!




Vroomans' Quilts said...

Definitely a kittie house here. My Queen (Bella)is an orange tabby and the man of the house (Moe)is a tuxedo.

Allie said...

LOLOL!!! Hermione does the same thing, she flops over on her back just like Aiden and rolls around. It's our signal to pounce on her belly. Great pic of Autumn, Pam!

Jeannette said...

I to have a quilt inspector, of the furry kind and our Puck does certainly have her favorite quilts even though I have been told that cats are color blind. Her current favorites are red finished a few weeks ago and a white background applique that has just come of the quilting machine,

Crickets Corner said...

Love your cats. I have two tabby cats, Bandit and Cricket. Cricket is 8 months old and thinks she needs to be involved in the entire quilting process from picking out the fabric to test running the final product.

Yumm yumz by patticakes said...

I love your kitties! What a lucky girl you are!

Teresa in Music City said...

Oh yes! We lost one of our kitties last year, but her sister is still with us. She will be 16 in August and is beginning to move like a little old lady, but what a lady! We both treat her like one of our kids since they are all gone :*)

Patti said...

You sound just like me having a conversation with "the girls"! They fill the house with love and games especially when I'm trying to get some sewing done!

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