Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A New Quilt?

I know I know, I need to finish the ones I have right?
 I'm working on it!
 I am almost ready to finish all the blocks for my dad's quilt.
 I am also preparing another little surprise for all of you which will be revealed next week!
 I can't show you what it is yet, but I hope you will join in with me when I do show it to you.

I have been sitting on the fence about this particular line for quite awhile now. 
A Curious Nature. 
Have you seen it? 
It is so incredibly masculine and I love it! 
I love many of the prints in the line.
 I finally broke down and ordered these prints.

A Curious Nature

I'm not sure why this line attracts me so but I just couldn't put off getting these prints from the line. 
 I am thinking about making a Greek Cross quilt like the one made here or here.

I can't decide between the two. 
 I will use a medium background one way or the other.

Do you like the more plain one or the one with the secondary design?
 I think this will be for my son. 
 Or maybe for another man in the family 
(perhaps one of my girls boyfriends?)
 Time will tell!



beaquilter said...

what nice fabrics and I like both cross quilts but I think I like the 2nd one better with the triangles in the corners.... can't wait to see.
I started a new project too, and still have a long list of items I should do first, but if that's what inspires you, then do it, you can always work on another project slowly as a leaders and enders project?

Karen said...

That fabric is cool! Greek crosses would be awesome too. Can't wait for the big surprise reveal :D

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Oh the seconday pattern would make a semi- Greek Cross/Jewel Box that would be great with these fabrics and for a man's quilt.

Teresa in Music City said...

Wonderful fabrics! Especially for a guy - great picks!!! I like both patterns. I think a lot depends on the background fabric you use and how much you want it to be featured in the quilt. Also depends on whether you want the fabrics or the quilting to be featured. The more simple design would allow for some fancy quilting & show off the background, but the other design would showcase these fabrics and allow a simpler quilting design. ..... Clear as mud, right? LOL

Anna said...

first of all...I LOVE the fabrics...they remind me of Sashiko. for these fabrics I prefer the first one which will really pop!

c said...

i do love the fabrics, but to showcase them I pick #2

Impera Magna said...

I've not seen that fabric line... very cool, both the prints and the colors!

I like both the Greek cross quilts but am leaning towards the second (more complicated) one...

Heather A said...

I just ordered fat quarters of both colourways of Curious Nature and am puzzling over what to use as a background solid. Someone suggested Kona Pepper. I'll be interested to know what you choose to use.

krislovesfabric said...

I love this fabric line! I have fat quarters just waiting for a project!! I think the first of the cross quilts would showcase it well, good luck in your decision!

Allie said...

I like the second one better...nice fabric, Pam!

Patrice said...

Thanks for the link! I can't wait to see what you do with that gorgeous bundle of fabric. :-)

Kerri said...

such fun fabrics!! i love your idea of making the greek cross quilt. i really like how faith made hers, and these fabrics would be fun, and very masculine!

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