Saturday, August 25, 2012

It's Been A Long Week!

I've been unusually quiet I know but life has gotten crazier than usual. 
 Last Sunday I went to the Checker Distributors open house with Cori and Pauline
 I bought a few fabric cards and thought I would share what I bought.

 I am planning on swapping these whales

 And the "It's a boy" fabric on the right

 And the Madrona Road, if anyone is interested.

Now here is the naughty part. 
 I also bought 2 bolts of fabric!!  
 One was a bolt of Kona white which I use all the time and 
the other one was so freaking adorable I just couldn't pass it up!!

Have you people seen Sarah Jane's new line Out to Sea??  
I really love it.  
I just remembered I did not take a picture of my fabric so it is night time and my pic is kind of bad but if you go here you will see it in it's true color.
 (The white spot was from my light)

I believe the pirate girls and the Narwhals will eventually have to join in the fun too.

While we were at the open house I got to rub elbows with someone most everyone knows too.

Alrighty then, this takes me up to the rest of the week now. 
 I left to go to Grand Rapids on Thursday afternoon and will pick up there tomorrow. 



MB in MI said...

Love the Out to Sea fabric line! Can't wait to see pics from Grand Rapids--have fun!! :-)

Jamie Lee said...

Oh, that is so cool. I've never seen "cards" like that before.

I have that Siamese cat print of course!

Karen said...

Like the Madrona Road. A bit Joel Dewberry like.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Yikes, she's buying fabric by the bolt NOW!
So fun Pam. Looks like fun. I like the Madrona. What does the total fabric on a card work out to be?

Rachel said...

OH, love those whales!! I definitely have my eye on the Out To Sea fabrics. My oldest is a mermaid fan...Can't wait to see it all in person! I am jealous of your shopping trip (but you SURELY deserved it!)!

Denise :) said...

What fun fabrics!! Love Lecien's stuff, for sure. My, my, your elbows sure got lucky!!! :)

dianne said...

Out to Sea is pretty doggone cute ... i dunno if i'd have bought a BOLT of it - ha ha ha!!!

Monica said...

Oooooh I love the whales! And the Madrona Road too. I wish I had something to trade.

Michele said...

I'm so jealous of all your goodies. I wish there was a place like that near me.

Brenda said...

The orange and green look great together don't they?!! And I have seen the new Out to Sea and have been thinking I need to get some fat 1/4's of a couple of different colors to make my grand daughters the little duffles that I am making the grands with these colors. Have to make two different or there will be disagreements on who's is who's! Had a great time Thursday night!

Sara said...

Madrona Road and mermaids! Those are my two top faves currently! Glad you enjoyed the day:)

Gill said...

Great fabrics Pam! I love the Lecien!
Not sure what fabric cards are though????

Allie said...

I adore that out to sea fabric - and plan on getting her stitcheries, love them so much!

Dhia said...

love the weenie dogs. i just got some of the giraffe print in a mystery bag.

My Old Quilting Soul said...

Adorable fabric! A few of them are just so cute I want to pinch them!

Joan T said...

Is checkers open to any quilter? Would like to visit sometime.

Mama Pea said...

Love your bolt! I am just about to order a bolt of Kona white. I have the same question as Joan. And where were you that you went there?

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