Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Dad and His Quilt

I went to see my dad this past weekend.  
Some of you may know that I have been trying to go regularly (every 2 weeks) to see him 
and make sure he is alright.  
He is 86 and my handicapped sister lives with him so I like to check on them. 
 It would be easier but they live 2 hours away.  
I had not planned on going to see them this past weekend but I received a call on Wed that there was something that needed my attention so I went.  
Apparently a con artist had gotten hold of my kind hearted father and
 fleeced him out of a good deal of money. 
 He saw her in a parking lot at a store, crying so stopped over to see what was wrong. 
 It all went south from there. 
 I am still dealing with this and that's why I have been more quiet than usual. 
 I will be taking over the finances very shortly 
so something like this will never be able to happen again. 

OK, that's out of the way, now on to his quilt!

My dear friend, Pauline, had given me a coupon for my birthday to do the binding on one quilt.  
This quilt is large and Pauline does a wonderful job on her bindings.
(she is the queen of binding!)
 I thought it would be wonderful to have the binding done by her for a quilt that meant so much to me and I knew would mean a lot to my dad.  
I know it gave her fits, but the finished product is perfection,
 so thank-you my friend, 
for persevering and giving me a beautiful finished product to hand over to my dad!

If you remember, I tried to include many of the things my dad loves, 
like snowmobiling, golf and he was in the Air Force for the Korean war. 
 I had Liz quilt it with musical notes shaped like heart, to represent his love of music. 
 At 86 he still plays the baritone sax, although infrequently now.  
Liz did a wonderful job!  

Alright photos, I know that's what you are waiting for! 

I titled the quilt "All Your Favorite Things"

This shows the front and a bit of the back.


Golf balls


Back close up

Close up of the quilting


 Look who was inspecting the back as I was trying to take pictures!

Here is the label

Of course this is the BEST photo!  My dad with his new quilt!!!

He is quite a talker and has been taking his quilt wherever he goes 
to show it to anyone that will listen!  
He even brought it to the place he eats breakfast.  
He did ask me how I got the photos of the snowmobilers and the airplanes on to the fabric!! 
Oh dad!!  
I am happy he loves it.  
Thanks again to everyone that helped me get this finished for him!!



soggybottomflats said...

What an awesome quilt! I can just see him strolling into Denny's with the quilt. How proud he is of his little girl. Great job, Elaine

Rachel said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome quilt!! I am so sorry he (and you) had to go through being conned, I hope it all works out!

Faith said...

Oh that is a gorgeous quilt Pam I love the photos of your dad really enjoying this quilt, he looks so pleased with it.

Annemiek said...

It's really hartwarming to read how happy your dad is with his new quilt!
And about that awfull person who took advantage of a vulnerable man? Makes me sick and angry! Some people dó need a high five in the face..with a chair

Donna~~ said...

It amazes me how many con people there are and how they seem to feel no guilt for fleecing the elderly...I can only hope karma comes around for them in their senior years! (taking over the money is a good idea--but be sure to make sure all the $$ is monitored--credit cards are so easy to get--and where there is a con, there is a way...plus you become known as a easy mark. (I have a friend whose been dealing with similar issues--one after another) The quilt is great--so nice for him!

Gwen said...

What a wonderful quilt for your Dad! I sympathize with your dilemma. I, too, had similar problems with a con artist type who charged my mother exorbitant prices for trimming bushes. He always made sure to come by when I wasn't there. So, I thought I'd be smart, convinced her to let me takeover paying the bills and toke the check book and extra checks. A few weeks later, he came by again, she managed to find an old check book from a closed account, wrote him another check which he cashed at a local merchant's and I had to make good on the check. Taking over the finances is definitely the answer, as difficult as it may be. Just make sure you find all the check books!

Brenda said...

Ahh! Love this went so well for you. It looks great and just perfectly dad worthy!

Cyndi loves to stitch said...

Pam, so sorry about the issues you've had with your dad and the con artist. I hope you get things back in order. I know how really hard it is for you living so far away from them. But glad to see your dad so happy with his wonderful quilt. You're a great daughter & sister!!! (on a side note.........what size pieces of chicken fabric did you need, found it but not the chicken wire.)

Gill said...

Oh Pam I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad - a similar thing happened to my Mum a few years ago. I hope you are in a position to make sure this doesn't happen again - it's so distressing isn't it? I'm glad you Dad is so happy with his lovely quilt!

Sandy D said...

What a great quilt and you were so lucky to find fabric with his favorite things. He looks pretty proud.

Sara said...

How did you get the pictures onto the fabric? Magic daddy, magic! I am just that good!

OH Pam how terrible to hear what happened to him:( I would have loved to tell that lady that pulled a fast one a thing or two and maybe something else:/

✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

Oh that's terrible what happened to your dad, but I love the photo of him with his quilt.

Allie said...

Oh Pam what a gorgeous quilt - he looks SO HAPPY with it! Boy, he sure doesn't look his age, does he? I'm so sorry he got conned, unfortunately that happens all too often in our area.

Lucky Duck Dreams said...

What a great picture of your dad and his quilt! Im soprry for what happened to him. I know how you feel. My 90 year old Grandfather lives 8 hours away by himself. Last week a man stopped when he was getting the mail and asked him if he wanted any trees taken down. While he lured Grandpa Jack to the back yard his accomplice ransacked the house. Grabbing some of my late grandmother's jewelry. My sister and I are both thankful he wasnt hurt! I will be praying for you and your family!

Michele said...

First I am so sorry that he got taken advantage of. That is horrible but I hope it didn't hurt his finances too badly. Second, the quilt is wonderful and I'm so glad that he loves it so much.

Richard Healey said...

I love that quilt. It's always a good feeling when some one loves the quilt you make for them enough to share it.


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