Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Mail Goodies

I am so lucky to have so many great blogging buddies!
 I asked for strings and strings I got!
Thanks to Rachel and Patty!!

I have been busy knitting away.
I think I am ready to stop soon, but will most likely make another one.
 It was so fun!
Now I have to find the video on how to bind it off so I can begin another one!

I was busy making my Bee Vintage blocks for August and here was my helper.
Cats can make any place look like "the" place to sleep can't they?
"Hey Jack, don't let the hum of my machine disturb your nap, ok?"

These are the 2 blocks I made for my august bee mates.
The mini-bow tie went together super easy.

This Dresden plate is beautiful but MUCH more fussy.
Getting them to lay flat was kind of a pain.
 I love how it looks all finished though.
 I may make one like this for me in the future too but would hand applique mine, I think.
I did love the flower bouquet in the middle too!

Since it has been so warm here this summer I have my windows and doors open and heard this weird, high pitched sound so I stopped sewing and went out in my back yard.
I followed the noise and it seemed to be coming from a Blue Spruce.
 I could hear some adult Cardinals around me so I figured maybe there was a nest
so I parted the branches and look what I found.
Three very loud, very hungry baby Cardinals!!

My son went down to Raleigh to visit my daughter and they went zip lining.
 (Like the piggy in the commercial)

 Here are a couple of photos of the two of them. 

Nice to know they love each other!  
The other guy and his child are just some other people that went at the same time as my two.

Now don't forget to leave a comment here 
if you would like the Charming Travelers to stop at your house!  

I am going to select a winner on Monday August 13th.

I wish I had more to show you but some things are just going to have to wait. 
 I am busy working on a LOT of things right now, just nothing I can show at the moment.  
It's not any fun when you can't show pictures of your work = (  
I hope you are enjoying the photos of things I can share though!



Denise :) said...

Your two blocks are lovely! The bow tie block looks like fun! Isn't it nice when your kids like each other? I love that! Your baby birds are sweet. They grow and fly away so quickly, it always amazes me. Lots of happies in the mail is a very, very good thing!! Hugs! :)

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Are they taking you zip lining next time Pam?

Sara said...

Your kiddos look like a close pair:)

You are plugging away at that rug now aren't you:) I forgot all about scraps for you:(

Allie said...

LOVE your Bee Blocks - so pretty!!! And the zip lining trip looks so fun - if you're younger than me, lol!!!

Rachel said...

:-) Love the blocks. Great to have kids get along, always makes me grateful! Love the baby birds!

Sherry said...

Love your Bee blocks. My two are close too, isn't that nice? :) You have had your windows & doors open? OMG - it's been so hot here in IL this summer I can't remember the last time I could open the windows & let some fresh air in - I'm jealous! It's been 90-107 for weeks! I can send a copy of my Ameren bill to prove it! :) My brother & his family just got back from vacation, they did the zip lining. I think I'd be a scardy cat! LOL

Karen said...

I love your blocks! I also love those cardinal babies, wow!

Kathy said...

Can't' wait to see what happens to all those strings. I am so in to string quilts right now, but for now I must just hoard/save strings.

Michele said...

OMG! I've been so behind reading blogs so here I am reading along and I realize that I forgot to mail your strips. I am so sorry. I have a small basket full and will get them out this week. Please forgive me. At least you'll have a head start on the next one.

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