Friday, September 14, 2012

A Little Knitted Treasure

First a great BIG thank you to everyone that sent me a comment about Jack!  
He is about the same, but we have him on special food (which he hates) and 
I am giving him SC fluids once a day.  
Time will tell if this is helping.  
I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Several of you sent me your fabric strings and scraps.  
I knitted my fingers to the bone and came up with this beauty!!

It was from a tutorial by Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts.   

I could not have done it without the help of my friends sending me their left over scraps.  
I am making another one too, smaller though, LOL.
Also a GREAT BIG thank you to Pandora for binding it off for me!!

Rug knitted from fabric scraps

My friend, Jacquie, sent me this book and was even kind enough to sign it for me!  
Isn't she the BEST??

I have some of the BEST friends!!

Speaking of that, I need to thank everyone that has been kind enough to send me chicken fabric!
I think I have the mother load of it now!!  
My quilt top that I used it in is nearly complete. 
 I still can't share it yet (per instructions)
 but please know I could not have made it without your generosity!  
So thank you very much!!  
When I am finished with this top 
I will be passing the remaining chicken fabric along to a friend that will be using it in another swap, so your generosity is extended!!  
I hope that makes you all smile today.  

I spend 5 hours working with Liz's long arm last night quilting a quilt and got 8 of the 14 rows done.  Still need to do the last 6 and one border on her Statler 
then home with me for the straight line work using my domestic machine. 
 I think I am changing to thread that blends for that!!  
I am still a little challenged when trying to sew straight lines on a big quilt!  

Any tips or suggestions for doing this on a domestic machine would be appreciated.  
As soon as I can I will show you that quilt too. 
 I HATE not being able to show you the things I am working on!  



Sara said...

I really like that rug you made Pam:) Give Jack a squeeze for me:):):):)

Allie said...

Nice rug, girl! I like the look of the book you got too. Keeping my fingers crossed for Jack!

Faith said...

Awww give Jack a cuddle from me, I didnt know he went missing for a year and a half, im really shocked about that. Your latest projects look all yummy. I have been thinking about you all and Ive been really slow on the quilting side here too but one day i will get back on with it all again,
meanwhile you take care and keep your chin upxx

Michele said...

Glad to know you are still using the scraps. I'll keep saving them for you if you want.

Brenda said...

Wow how long is your rug?! I am using the mans work laptop to hop around today. I am having some computer problems and unable to post right now but wanted to visit some of my best bloggy friends! Have a great weekend!

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