Thursday, September 06, 2012

Swapping and Friends

I decided to bite the bullet and bought some of the Crafty Chloe fabric. 
 My friend Cori at Crazy Quilt Girl has some for sale if you are looking 
and she ships internationally! 

I have to say that I love the creepy monkey fabric even more in person 
than I did when I saw it online. 
 Those pin people are pretty cute too!!  
You just might "need" some!!

I received some fabric in the mail from my friend Yolanda recently too. 
 Some was swap and some was because she is my friend! 
 Thought I would share some photos with you too.

Munki Munki and Mendocino

Laurie Wisburn's Jack and Jenny donkeys! 
Some little Red, and some Tula and Jay too.

Sweet, sweet KJR as well. 
 I feel so blessed!!

I am working on a new quilt but again was asked not to share. 
 Sure makes some boring posts = (

I am going to show you a sneak of one block though, just for you so shhhhh, ok?

I leave you with a photo of Fatty McFatty "trying" to lay on the couch near me.

See how she depresses the couch??  
HAHA, oh Aiden! 
 I hope you are all being productive!!  
I finished binding a quilt but it was too dark for a picture but hopefully soon.

I have to take my BFF Jack to the vet after work today.  
He has been losing a lot of weight lately and I am worried about him. 
 Please keep him/us in your prayers!!



Allie said...

Praying for Jack! Cute fabrics, Pam!

Brenda said...

Love the donkeys with boots, how have I never seen it before. Like what you are working on so far....Hope Jack is ok, let us know.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Love Chloe too!

dianne said...

there's my fat little Aiden - i love her!

Janice @ Better off Thread said...

great fabrics! I LOVE those donkeys!

Denise :) said...

What fun fabrics to play with! Aiden is adorable!! I love *fluffy* kitties!! :)

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