Friday, March 15, 2013

A Study In Cats

I had to take some photos for another online publication and, of course, the cats were right there offering their 2 cents worth. I can't show you the quilt yet, but I can show you my helpers.  I could not resist snapping a few close ups.  I hope you enjoy them!

First up is Aiden checking out why I am even in her room

Settle down Fatty McFatty, let me introduce you to a new friend

 I see, you are bored already eh?

 Companionable silence

 Nap time

 Thank God you took him away, mom

Now it's Hallie's turn to wonder what I am up to.


 I love this photo of her!


Do you think I could get either of them to actually lay on the quilt I needed to photograph? 
NO, so I used the stuffed cat.  
In a house full of 4 cats I ended up using a prop.  
Go figure.

Have a wonderful weekend!



Tammy said...

Gorgeous kitties. I have 2 orange striped male tabbies

Sara said...

Aiden and Hallie,"Gosh mom,really?! We don't want to get our tiny hairs all over your pretty quilt!" Plus we think we are pretty cute ALL by ourselves;)

Jeannie D said...

Beautiful Kitties! Thanks for sharing

Swedish Scrapper said...

Oh, I an see how much they like that sunlight!

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