Monday, March 04, 2013

Vintage Sheets and Bee Blocks

I found some amazing sheets recently when I was thrifting.  
In fact I saw some on Saturday and didn't buy them and will probably be sorry about that. 
 If they are still there tonight I will pick them up.  
Here are my finds.

I was working on my blocks for Bee Vintage for March.  
Jodi requested "trees" of our choice with a white background.  
Here are the 2 blocks I designed.

The first one I used fusible and man was this fun to make!  
See the little guy hiding in the tree??

This one was totally improv. 
 I made some wonky strips and sewed them up and then just cut to make "whatever" triangles 
and put gray trunks on them.  
Really fun too.

It was exhausting work for Autumn too.  
She fell asleep standing and resting her head on my sewing machine!

I started a new leader ender project too but ended up working on the L/E quilt 
and it is now a small top. 
 I hope to finish it this week.  
More about that later.

Have a great day!



Sara said...

What a fun looking tree!! I still have yet to make one of those:)

Anonymous said...

LOL, I own those sheets on the left in your second picture. Bought them new and still use them. Hahaha - who knew I was vintage - well I guess I did but just hated to admit it.

Mama Spark said...

Shelly, I would use them too if I had them. They are beautiful!

Diane N said...

I LOVE your first tree!

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