Sunday, March 17, 2013

I'm Finally Swooning

I had to get my bee commitments done so I could start on the Swoon blocks
for the wedding quilt for my nephew. 
 I finally had some time to sew today.  
Although I feel like death! 
 I have had a cold for a week now and it is actually seeming to get worse now. 
 How is that possible? 
 I was not going to be deterred! 
 I persevered and made 4 blocks today. 
This was all I was good for today.  
The requested colors are navy and yellow with white. 
 I am not a fan of blue and yellow (for obvious reasons, ahem being a Spartan) but they came out quite nice.  

This was the first block I made. 
 Probably good since there was no directional fabric in this one like there was in the rest of them.  
Why did I do that??

Next block I used some directional fabric but I like it anyway.

This one was pretty when done too. 
 Stripes...glutton for punishment, LOL.

Last one for today I used fabric with words in it. 
 I did a lot of ripping on this one, but am happy with the finished block though.

I still have 5 more blocks to make. 
 It took me around 2 hours per block to make them. 
 For the most part, I enjoyed making these blocks.  

Just wish I felt better.

What did you work on this weekend??



rubyslipperz1052 said...

I LOVE the swoon idea! And your blocks are FUN because you did fun stuff in them - like directional and words.


Sandy D said...

Your Swoon Blocks look good.You did a great job on the directional fabrics.Hope you feel better soon. I want to do this Block love the look of it.

Michele said...

They do look great. So sorry you are still under the weather. I got absolutely no sewing done this weekend. Saturday was spent gathering the last things together for the big kids consignment sale that is coming up and yesterday we were out of town for a birthday party.

My Old Quilting Soul said...

I love these, I think they turned out great! I hope you feel better soon!

Bettina Groh said...

I like your blocks! It will be a great quilt... my s-i-l , especially, would like it being a U of M fan (seriously a FAN!).

dortha said...

Your blocks look so pretty. Hope you feel better soon.

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