Thursday, March 07, 2013

Look Over Here ----->> Shiny Bauble

This seems to be the story of my life right now. 
 I begin one thing only to get side tracked by another! 
 I brought up another bin from the basement and decided to go through it.  
In it I found some flannels from when I was a child! 
 (read really, really vintage here).  
There was not too much of any given one so I thought, 
why not use the GO cutter and cut out some 5" squares?  
Well I will tell you why not, because I don't have that die!
 I do have the 3 1/2" tumbler die and that would work too.  
I busily cut all the flannels into tumblers. 
 Like I had ANY business spending my time doing that when I had bee blocks to make 
and quilts to make for weddings and any number of "gotta's" to get to but what did I do?  
You got it.  

Things started out well and I began the bee blocks and then I thought,
 I can use those tumblers as leader and enders. 
 I did begin that way.  

Then HEY...shiny bauble look over here ---->>>>happened.

I just started sewing them together and could not stop myself!!  Oh well, I went with it.  As it turns out, I had a great helper too.

You know you can deposit MUCH more cat hair if you roll all over the quilt as mom makes it!

Do you know how difficult it is to try to sew blocks together with this happening??
  Do you??

Some progress was made.  
My goal is to use as much of the vintage flannel as I can and 
make the quilt as large as I can without adding any new fabric to it. 

After pushing her off the table multiple times 
she finally settled for sleeping next to me in the scrap bin.  

Silly, silly Autumn!

I hope you stop back tomorrow because I am in the Blog Hop Giveaway a
nd I have something very amazing to give away to one of my readers!!  

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow!!



krazgrl said...

All it takes is one box of fun fabric to get us off track. I love seeing your kitties they are so cute and remind me of my Oliver. I'm sure you've heard warnings but I wouldn't feel right if I didn't mention being careful with any threaded sewing needles anywhere around. We had a very unfortunate accident when Oliver swollowed a threaded needle and it lodged in his stomach. After surgery and a few days of recovery we lost him. I miss him so much and would hate to have the same tragedy happen to someone's loved pet. Give your cuties a scratch on the bellie from me.

Teresa in Music City said...

Too cute!!! Gypsy has never tried to get on my sewing table. She watches me take a bath perched on the side of the tub, but she never sits at the sewing machine. I would be too busy laughing to get any sewing done!

dianne said...



ooo, look - a chicken!

i'm sorry ... what were you saying? oh ... how easy it is to be distracted from what i SHOULD be doing by what i WANT to be doing ... right ... that NEVER happens to me ... bwah ha ha!!!

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