Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I Think I'm In LOVE!!

I told you all about a quilt I was making with 2 co-workers right? 
 We are using the Paper Dolls pattern from Pineapple press.  
My friend Cori has it in her shop right here.  
You may need to go and pick yourself up a copy RIGHT NOW! 
 I'll wait.  

As I said before I thought to use it as a leader/ender project.  
I didn't think it would work for that but now, after making a few I realize it will work great for that!  We were supposed to make 11 each but just like Lays chips, I can't make just one (or 11).  

I made a signature block for myself and for one of the other women.  
Can you guess her name?  
Or which one is representing me? 
 (Hint, her name rhymes with "bobbin")

I have also used some of the Lizzy House Pearl Bracelet fabrics (because I am totally obsessed).

Here are the Pearl Girls!

I may need to do a whole quilt of these, especially with all the new PB's coming out.

I think my friend's 2 favorite blocks are the DS Quilts plaid girls.

You may notice that we have used different skin tones too.  
We went from very pale flesh to a fairly dark brown and every shade in between that we could find!  

Here is a photo of my 18 blocks all laid out together.

These are mine and Robin's all put together.

We are still working on how to lay them out for the finished quilt.  
I want some white space between some of the girls and want some holding hands. 
 Robin is a graphic artist so she will work on the design layout 
until we are all happy with how it looks.  
We certainly have a good start on this one and all of us plan on making another one to keep.  
I think mine will be for a friend's daughter, but don't tell.  
I am sure I will make a lot of these little girls as they are so addicting to make!
Pearl Bracelets, polka dots, plaid, vintage sheets.  
Oh the possibilities!!!

I have some more bee blocks to share but that will have to wait until tomorrow. 
 I have tomorrow off so I can get ready for my trip to Raleigh.  

I took my son out for dinner last night and my debit card was declined.  
I went home and called the bank only to find out that someone in London England 
tried to charge over $500 worth of electronics on my card!!!  
The bank declined the charge and blocked the card, thank goodness. 

Hope you are all having a good day.  
I think you need to go to Cori's and pick up this pattern.  
If you do, the one we used is the smallest one, the one they used to make the pillow.



beaquilter said...

ahhh you just gave the name away----- :-)
I WAS guessing Robin before I read it... happy blocks!

Trina said...

I love your tutorials! I opened a online quilt shop and am always encouraging people to follow you. Keep up the good work.

ShirleyC said...

Awww...these are soooo cute!

Emma's Daughter said...

I did just as you suggested ~ ordered the pattern. With 2 granddaughters and tons of girlfriends, I'm sure this adorable pattern will get used a lot.

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