Wednesday, May 01, 2013


Are you on Instagram? 
 I found a post recently that you put the hashtag isewphotochallenge on your photo post. 
 You post a photo everyday from the list:

This was posted by patterncrush
 I decided to play along so today the photo is a WIP.
  I have a lot of those! 
 I had quilting tonight and there is a WIP that I took with me so I chose that one.  

History of this is that I found a bunch of vintage flannel when I was moving bins to the sewing room. 
 I decided to cut it into small tumbler blocks using my GO! cuter. 
 I had grand plans to use them as leader/enders but that didn't work out. 
 Random placement was not working out so I dropped my other projects and
 began sewing on this one like my life depended on it. 
 I have no idea why! 
 I still had binding to finish and it looked like this.

Notice it didn't take Fatty McFatty long to find it!  
So I took it to quilting tonight and actually finished the binding. 
 All finished!

I need to take a photo of the back and then I will be listing it on my ETSY. 
 So if you are interested check out my ETSY. 
 It is super soft and all the flannel came from when I was a little girl,except for the back flannel.

So tomorrow is an early project. 
 Hmmmm I will have to give that some thought! 
 Want to play along? 
 Join up on Instagram or feel free to post the first photo on YOUR blog and post your photos there.



barb said...

I love your tumbler quilt! If you ever decide to get rid of any of your ufo's, i would be glad to give it a good home lol barbara

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