Friday, June 14, 2013

Got Stash?

I seem to have an overabundance of stash.  
What about you?  
I have been lugging Rubbermaid bins from the basement to the second floor of my home 
into my sewing room.  
I have been folding and stashing and folding some more. 
 It has been CrAzY!!  
I don't even know how many bins I have emptied and how many more I have to do.  
I do know that what I have left will never all fit into that one little room!  

Bins left > storage space to put said bins!

Thought you might like a peek to see how it is coming along.

 Shocking that the blue stash takes up TWO full cubbies right?

I need another cube on the top of the tall one and maybe two more where the basket is too,
 not sure if that will crowd the TV too much but I sure could use the storage! 

 Thankfully IKEA is about a block from my house!!!

Oh and what is on top of that tall cubby?  

Some Night Shade, Neptune and Hope Valley

JIC you were wondering about hubby.  

Apparently I am now married to a pirate!

Have an "Arrrrrmazing" weekend!!



cherie godbey said...

I love to see other quilters stashes! Makes me feel better about mine! :)

Tammy said...

Grreat stash. I am so drooling over it and the fact you live near a Ikea The closest one to me os over 3 hours away.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Enjoy the beauty of your fabric!Ikea for me is hours away also.....: (

beaquilter said...

my stash has grown a lot the last year, but you got me beat :) when you come to raleigh maybe I can even show you!!

Shannon said...

What a very impressive stash!! Wow! The Hubby looks good LOL!

Brenda said...

Oh my I could shop from your stash for anything I could ever want...Some of my favorite books have had a pirate in them. You have a great weekend also.

Brenda said...

Oh forgot to let you know I just picked up 4 charm packs, 2 of Apple Jack and 2 of Oinkadoodlemoo.....Guess what my next projects are? Gifts for babies that are due over the next few months. Actually one needs to be done very soon.

Mary-Kay said...

Here's to the pirate's complete recovery! About that stash, I have an Expedit bookcase and it doesn't even begin to hold my stash. I have the 4x4 model and it began with baskets along the bottom for yardage and 4 drawer inserts (that's 8 actual drawers) for fat quarters. Now the fq's don't live there anymore, they're under the cutting table which is 2 kitchen cupboards/island thing from IKEA and the bookcase is all yardage and 4 cubbies filled with books. My sister thought I should get another Expedit bookcase and I said no way. That would give me an excuse to fill that one up too. I also have 20 or so totes filled with yardage. My plan is to only have the bookcase and the island thing for fabric and books. So far, I suck at stash busting but once I retire(in 6 months) the real stash busting will begin. I love how you can see all your fabric. Once I get rid of some, I'm hoping to have it all in sight so I don't have to go scrounging for it.

Sara said...

Poor guy hope he's feeling better!

Teresa in Music City said...

Your stash looks familiar - my blues take up twice the space too LOL!!! "Overabundance" is a good word - way better than "too much" :*D

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