Wednesday, June 12, 2013

More Raleigh Fun

I think I am coming to an end with my Raleigh trip
.  On Wednesday I got to meet with my friend 
(although we had never met IRL), Debbie, or Mrs Goodneedle if you will from the Strawberry Patch.  
She was among one of the first blogs I ever read and we have been fast friends for a long time now. 
I was super excited to be able to meet her in person.  
She drove for 2 hours to see me and to pick me up for our lunch. 
 I made her a little paper doll wall hanging/pillow also. 
 Hers had plaid dresses.

It's interesting that she has decided that I am in the blue/green dress and she is in the blue/purple one. 
 That was how I planned it too!
I can't believe that 3 hours felt like 5 minutes! 
 It was awesome! 
 It felt like we were long lost friends and just picked up where we had left off. 
 She sees life in a similar way to me.
  We have a creative endevor planned for the future too but I will let you wonder about that.

Thanks for a great visit Debbie. 
 I look forward to visiting you at your home next time and meeting Holly too!

Debbie kindly gifted me some Marcia Derse fabrics too.
  I'm not sure what rock I have been living under but these have the look of hand dyed and are just beautiful!  I will have to find just the right project for them. 
 Thank you my friend!

One of the things we talked about was Debbie's favorite quilt shop over my way,
 Thimble Pleasures in Chapel Hill. 
 So on Thursday when Kelsey and I went shopping I made her take me there. 
OMG this place was just amazing!

I had a list of fabric I was looking for and found much of the Tula Pink Nightshade I was after right here!

As well as a little Birds and Bees

In the morning Kelsey and I went to the Raleigh farm market.  
What an amazing place! 
 It is open every day and they have a restaurant!  

Where I was educated about the difference between city ham (on the left) and country ham (on the right)

It was fun to walk around here before meeting Debbie for lunch!

While on my shopping trip with Kelsey I managed to score this adorable Hello Kitty lunch box.

What's that?  
What will I do with this? 
 Why store projects in it of course!

I hope you have enjoyed my trip as much as I have. 

 Now it is back to reality. 
 The reality being my hubby had to have eye surgery yesterday. 
 A vitrectomy and removal of a gigantic floater. 
 The vitrectomy was where they peeled a membrane of of his retina. 
 Kinda gross really, and they had to put an air bubble in his eye to smooth out the wrinkles in the retina so he has had to lay face down  all day yesterday to keep it pressing on the retina. 
 Today he just has to keep looking down. 
 He can't really see out of the eye only see the air bubble. 
 Apparently the eye will replace the fluid over the next 7-10 days. 
 Surgery was successful though and he is resting. 
 Had his post op appointment today and he is progressing as well as he should. 
 He will be off work for over a month though. 
 Not really sure how long but long enough for him to pass his flight medical. 
 I hope I can handle his being here all the time for a month, LOL!



dianne said...

well ... that certainly made my eyes water ... i didn't know they could remove floaters - sometimes they get in my way, especially when i am trying to embroider - ha ha ha!!!

how could your dress be anything BUT blue and green?!? it just wouldn't be YOU!!!

the Hello Kitty lunch box would be PERFECT for your next embroidery project - a medium-sized hoop should fit right in there! i LOVE my tins - i kept HPV not the virus in a haunted house tin while i was stitching it - after losing it in my room for three months, i had to find SOME kind of solution...

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

YOU JUST WAIT to see what I have planned for my precious dolly friendship block... you're gonna LOVE it! I am so excited I am near giddy with the idea. You sure did jam a lot into your visit. I am so relieved to hear that your husband's surgery is over and that it was successful. Yikes, that sounds awful! Prayers for a smooth recovery period. Our future plans are germinating... :)

Lucky Duck Dreams said...

I enjoyed hearing about your trip to NC! The original Thimble Pleasures was my first LQS almost 20 years ago!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

...oh, and for the record: I would have driven twice that distance to meet up with the INFAMOUS Mama Spark! ;)

Quilty Conscience said...

I love the paper doll quilt! I now want to do a pillow for my Sis. Is this a commercial pattern. Love your work and your posts are always interesting and fun! Cheers! Toni

Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

Oh, that eye surgery sounds very scary! Prayers for a rapid and complete recovery....

Teresa in Music City said...

Ouch! Prayers for your husband's quick recovery and your ability to handle him home all that time LOL!!! I keep telling my husband I'll probably go to work when he retires :*) We have a son who lives in Raleigh - and our last name is Raleigh, so needless to say I enjoyed your posts from this visit!

quiltkeemosabe said...

Have heard all about your lunch with Mrs. Goodneedle and I 'd like to hope that the next time you're in the area maybe I can tag along. Hope your husband continues to do well. Love the little paper dolls.

Anonymous said...

I am catching up on blog reading after a very hectic end to the school year and have discovered we have several things in common (besides a love of quilts). My oldest daughter works in Raleigh and my youngest is named Kelsey. I live (please don't be jealous) just a few minutes from Thimble Pleasures. In fact, I drive past it five days a week. It was through TP that I met my wonderful long arm quilter. I will be there at the end of the month to drop off my Nancy Drew top for her to finish. I actually made it for myself, but Kelsey has been begging me for it. Since tomorrow is her birthday, I'll give it to her. Hopefully, I'll have it bound before she goes back to school. I'm glad you enjoyed your tour of Triangle-area quilt shops.

Cindy in NC

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