Sunday, June 09, 2013

My Trip to Raleigh Part One The Beach

I know I have been pretty quiet lately but I have been to visit my DD2 in Raleigh. 
 I arrived on Friday. 
 We met up with her friend Dan and his wife and his MIL. 
 We all went to a nice place for small plates and wine and
 then back to their place for steaks on the grill and more wine!! 
 HAHA it was a very nice evening,

We got up and packed to leave for Wilmington where we were staying. 
 We were going to go to Wrightsville Beach for a few days too. 
 I. LOVE. the.beach!! 
 We spent 6 hours at the beach both days.
 Kelsey's friend Adrienne came with us and on the second day her friend Sam met up with us too.

This beach had amazingly gigantic waves, beautiful beach umbrellas and lots of SUN!

We could not have asked for better days at the beach!

We went out for dinner in Wilmington at the Pilot House. 
 We walked around the water front too.

On the drive to downtown Wilmington we spied this fountain in the middle of the street!

We saw this awesome ship too. 
 My hubby tells me it is The North Carolina.  
I love how this photo came out!

It was a wonderful fun filled 2 days. 
 We drove back to  Raleigh on Monday.

  Kelsey's old car was making weird noises. 
 REALLY bad noises.  
Like "it will cost you more to fix me than I'm worth" noises. 
 I knew this day was coming and was hoping to eek out a little more time but these things can't be helped.  Her little Saturn has been a great car but it was time to look for a replacement.  

While she was unpacking and starting the laundry I went online looking at used cars.  
She told me the one she was interested so I emailed a couple of dealerships. 
 The first one that got back to us was the one we would go to and so 
off we went to Fayetteville (an hour and a half away).  
We looked at a LOT of cars, drove a few and finally had it narrowed down. 
 They had a 2013 Mazda 3i HB that had been a courtesy car. 
 It had 1800 miles on it and they were selling it as used.  
This meant we got quite a good price on it but because it had not been titled we got new car financing. 
 So after 6 hours this is her new baby!

I'm not sure I have recovered from that day just yet, LOL!  

I am going to stop for now.  
The next installment will be about my meet up with my blogging friends and
 my shopping adventures so stay tuned!



beaquilter said...

aww are you going back to raleigh? I'm in pittsboro!! BTW just quilted a customer quilt like the one on your banner- copied the quilt design from moda too

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Yep, that's the USS North Carolina moored in Wilmington. There's a definite family resemblance between you and DD2; so glad that the beach weather was cooperative.

Deb said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time, wish I lived closer to a beach, would love to visit, but it's a long drive to get any where close to a beach when you're in the midwest.

Sara said...

Ah the beach..yes it is SO much fun to go there! Ayden LOVES the beach:):):) Glad you were able to go and be with your daughter:)

I think that is the ship my dad,brother, Ayden and I visited when we went to Wilmington!

You two did it! You were able to pull off buying a car in three days!! ;) Kelsey will be safe and no worries about that right?!

Judy in Michigan said...

What fun. My granddaughters live in Wilmington and one works at The George - a very nice restaurant I hear. We are going for a visit in a few weeks.

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