Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Very Special Gift

I was so happy to share the butterfly quilt with all of you. 
 It is all quilted up now and actually gifted. 
 I can now share some more information with you about this fabulous quilt. 
 One of my oldest and bestest friends has cancer. 
 She has had 2 surgeries and will be starting radiation therapy very soon.  
This quilt was made for her. 
 I wanted her to have something to take with her during the treatments to keep her warm, wrapped in love and hopefully a little cheered up.  
Two of my co-workers and I made all the butterflies for the quilt and I put it all together. 
 I had to wait for the fabric, as you know, to actually finish it up.  
What you don't know is that I hand embroidered a label and I love how it came out.
The saying was soooo appropriate for her!

My friend, and an amazing quilter, Liz, did the flower/butterfly quilting and it was perfect!
I got a sun dappled photo but that's all I had time for.

 I love love love the back.  
This rainbow fabric is to die for!!

I had one extra butterfly so I put it on the back and it made the perfect setting for the label.

I had to decide how to wrap it up for the gifting and this is what I did. 
 I think it was perfect!

I gave it to my friend on Monday night and I think she was thrilled.  
We have been friends so long that when I asked her if she could pick out the butterflies that I had made she got every one of them right!
Not a single wrong guess!  
She said it was my fabric choices.  
The one made out of blue dragonflies was the first one she guessed.  

I really hope she knows how much she is loved and how much her friendship means to me. 

I am a better person for having he in my life!

This quilt was a true joy to make and to gift.



Emma's Daughter said...

What a beautiful thoughtful gift. Rcoyle at olemiss dot edu

Donna~~ said...

Such a lovely and sweet gift! Lucky friend to have you in her life!

Michele said...

Just so beautiful and so extra special. It is those types of quilts that I too love making the most, the ones for the most special people in our lives.

diplofam said...

Love it Pam!! Giving HOPE one quilt at a time.Prayers for your friend through her treatments!!

Jeni B Quilts said...

Beautiful quilt with beautiful meaning! This is why I make quilts too!

Ruth said...

A beautiful finish. I'm sure she'll be thrilled with it.

Amira@littlemushroomcap said...

Such a pretty quilt. Admire your hand embroidery for the label too!

Amira @

Shauna said...

What a lovely, tangible gesture of love. There's nothing better than being wrapped in a beautiful quilt from friends.

Unknown said...

Just beautiful! Love the fabric for front and back of quilt. What is the fabric on the back called? I would love to buy that fabric myself and make a quilt. Your quilt is lovely.

Prayers for your friend as she continues her treatments. I know your quilt will be a comfort to her in more ways than you can imagine.

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