Saturday, August 31, 2013

Our Mini Vacation

My life has been so crazy of late and
 when hubby suggested we take a few days and go to the Berlin OH area I jumped at the chance.  
We enjoy shopping around that area. 
 First stop was Lehmans
 Don't know it? 
 It's a HUGE general store.  
You should check it out!  
They had this wall of old antique teeny tiny sewing machines.

I especially loved this little blue one.  
Isn't it adorable?

Hubby was so happy because I let him buy a crock for his saurkraut making! LOL 
 We looked at wheat grinders but I need to research some more before we invest in that! 
 Those babies are pricey for sure.

We ate dinner at a place called The Farmstead.  
Good, traditional Amish food. 
 And bonus there was a quilt garden in front of the place

The real selling point though was the giant rooster! 
 haha I love that cheezy stuff. 
 Someone I know made a joke that I won't repeat here but you can probably figure it out!  
Something about that man (my hubby) having a  BiG rooster...  LOL
Crazy, I know!!

Ahhhh Amish life

We went to Sugar Creek and saw this life sized working cookoo clock.

Had to chuckle about this on the wall of a shop there too.
The wheels were 3D too!

We did go to a few quilt shops, of course and I did buy a few things, of course!

I have wanted to do a map of the US ever since I saw one done on Flickr.
  Figured it was easier to buy the pattern rather than figure it out on my own! 

 Also the Dresden flower was large enough to be a cool centerpiece  
The shop had it done up in OSU fabric. 
 Hmmmm that gives me a great idea too!

The top fabric is for a peacock quilt I have in my head and I just could NOT leave those cats!

OK now for some fessing up right here. 
 My hubby is totally in love with Farmall tractors.
  He kept pulling out all the Farmall fabric and asking for a quilt. 
 How could I say no to that guy after all he does for me?
Well, as you see clearly I couldn't.
  He also wanted the food fabric. 
 Lord help me I have no idea what to do with that!

I have no idea how I ever missed this fabric but it was great! 
 I wanted more colors but settled for these three.

Man oh man oh man oh man was I ever excited to get this group!!  
How fun are these??

Innocent crush, Mama Said Sew, Hope valley and Henna Garden, what? 
 The middle two were in the sale section too!!

This was just the first part of our trip. 
  I will share the rest of the trip later. 
 No more fabric but some awesome eye candy anyway! 

 I hope you stop back for the rest of the story.



Brenda said...

Looks like a great time! The corn goes great with the tractors, not sure how you are going to work the grilled cheese and the smores in with it. Maybe you could make some hot pads with the grilled cheese and some handle covers for some campfire forks with the smores or make the hubs an apron and put them on the pockets. And sub some tomatoes and beans instead. I know I have seen both of those in fabric.I think it is great he wants you to make him a quilt though.

Sara said...

Amish country is fabulous! I went I was a teen with my mom and her boyfriend,but I wish I appreciated it more back then. I bet the food was great! LOVE the cuckoo clock and the rooster of course;) Silly!

Pretty fabrics too:):)

ShirleyC said...

How interesting! I would love to go there!

Anna said...

loved all the photos and could feel the good time! said...

Great pics of your mini vacay! A few years ago when my parents came to visit we headed down into that part of Ohio to do some family research.

Unknown said...

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