Thursday, August 15, 2013

Beautiful and Strong

I have been working on a quilt with a couple of my friends. 
 I am not normally much of a butterfly person, although I do find them beautiful.  
I just don't do much quilt or fabric wise with them.  
Cats? yes please! 
Notice I say not normally.
  I recently found some fabric by Tamara Kate at Michael Miller called Flight Patterns,
 you can see it here at the Fat Quarter Shop.  
I fell in love with the multi dappled migration
and the multi patio lights as well as the glee in multi
 I stalked shops for MONTHS waiting for it to be available.  

My friends and I are making a butterfly quilt and I *needed* these fabrics for them. 
 End of July is when they were due out.  

Finally, on July 31st they were listed and darn it all if the glee was sold out!!!  

I did manage to snag the dappled migration and the patio lights, but just barely.
 I found the glee in multi on ETSY and bought what I needed of it for the back.  

I can't show you the back yet, because it was late at night when I finished it.
Then I brought it to the quilter. 
Also it is a gift.
I incorporated the label into the back so you will have to wait until I gift it to see that.

Here's the top.

In all it's butterfly beauty!

Close up of the borders.

I just love how the side borders go all the way down in a line. 
 So cool!!!

I also found this saying that I thought was so cool:

"You never know how strong you are,

Until being strong 

is the only choice you have!"

It made me think of this butterfly quilt. 
 Butterflies are so delicate looking but are so strong.  
Some even fly all the way to Mexico from the northern US and Canada.  
The Monarch migration is amazing!
Beautiful and strong.
Great combination don't you think?



~Diana said...

Don't you HATE it when that happens with fabric??? Glad you found some...nothing like the hunt :) Happy Anniversary too.

Karen said...

In love with the quilt and so going to track down that saying. Love!

Anonymous said...

I'm planning on making a butterfly quilt for one of my grand daughters. Would you please share where you found the pattern? The fabric you found is beautiful!

Michele said...

I just love the colors and the border fabric is just perfect.

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