Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Few Odds and Ends

That's what I have to share with you today, bits and bobs.  
I was trying to get the binding on a quilt recently and had a little help.  
She was in such a state of bliss I could not bear to move her!

She just kept rolling around on the quilt and purring and purring. 
 There is some good vibrations (literally) going on with this quilt!

Over Labor Day weekend we went to my BIL and SIL house for a pool party.  
They just put this pool in a few weeks ago. 
 Isn't this a pretty shot?

You know that my son moved out the beginning of August.  
We have been working to get his room cleaned up (still working) 
but we did manage to get it cleaned enough to put in a guest bed. 
 A LONG time ago we bought this antique bed.  
It is made out of wrought iron.  
It had some paint on it and it really needed to have to paint taken off and rust removed then painted.  We did not get so far as to get it painted but it got sanded and ready for a new mattress. 
 I took the quilt off of my own bed and put it on this one.

DD2 came up from NC to stay last weekend and she now had a beautiful new bed to sleep in!
New sheets, new pillows and a homemade quilt. 
 Life is good!!

She also put us to work cleaning up the yard, trimming bushes and cleaning off the deck.  
Dang that girl is a force to be reckoned with!!  
I wonder where she gets that from?!

My hubby's sister and her husband could not use their tickets for the MSU football game on Sat 
and offered them to us.  
Well, thank you very much!  
We went and had a great time. 
 The seats were awesome and we parked about this close to Spartan stadium!

Hubby's other brother and family also have season tickets so we found them and did a little tailgating.  Look who joined us.  
It was a beautiful Red Tail Hawk and when it flew away it was breathtaking.

So there you have it. 
 Not much in the sewing department to report but life is busy and full.



Shari said...

It's great to get so much done and catching up with friends and family - this is what inspires our creativity.

Quilt n Queen said...

Sounds like you had a fun and busy weekend. Luv the bed...and the quilt!!

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