Thursday, September 05, 2013

Opinions Please

It is my turn to be the queen in October in my Ima Bee. 
 I get to choose a block for a quilt. I have been fretting and fretting about what to do. 
 There are a lot of really cool blocks out there. 
 I always feel guilty asking people to make some of the more difficult ones though.
  I know I don't have a lot of time. 
 I think this quilt will be for our newly made quest room. 
 My hubby will also have a desk in the room and probably some hobby storage in the closet.
  Because he will be spending time in there I asked his opinion.
  I showed him some of my choices and he had to choose from there.
  I really loved the small improv houses with lots of open space.  
He did not. 
 He is MUCH more traditional than I am. 
 I showed him a few others and finally I thought of one that he might really love.

(Block from the Quilter's Cache)

He is a pilot and I have always wanted to make him an airplane quilt 
so I am thinking that airplanes would be cool. 
 I also love this cross quilt and the cool, calming colors.

So I think I am going to ask for airplanes made in this color palette.  
What do you think??

Now for a CrAzY idea, I think I am going to put the aviation alphabet, 
 improv style around the outside as the border!!! 
 I could ask folks for the words or the airplanes or one of each. 
 If you were in my bee which would you rather make?
  Each person makes 2 blocks so I could have almost the entire alphabet or all the planes. 
 I am kind of leaning toward all the planes but thought I would ask what you guys think. 
 I would give a max for letter size and it could be fun to get all the alphabet too. 

Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta...Zulu!



Deborah said...

I guess go with which one you like making more. I've made a bunch of planes and the pattern called for freezer paper as a pattern. It was A LOT of work. So if I could get most of the planes finished, I'd be happy. Is there a pattern for the cross quilt? It is beautiful.

Judy in Michigan said...

I like the airplanes too and would ask everyone to make 2 planes. Not sure how many of your friends like improv but you know them better. If they liked improv, you would get some very cool variations! The plane looks like a cross between 3 easy paper piecing units and a strip. Easy I think!

Nupur said...

I would rather make the planes. What a darling block!

M.W. said...

I think the airplanes

dianne said...

i think i would ask for the planes - they are, by the way, pretty doggone cool!

Ann said...


Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...

I'm kinda leaning towards the planes.

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