Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Gifties and Secrets

That seems to be what my sewing consists of lately!  
Things completed that I can't share until I gift. 
 New projects begun for gifts. 
 So what to do?  
Why begin a few new charity quilts of course!  
When I was out of town recently I saw a simple pattern on a little 3 x5 card and thought, 
this would be a perfect Margaret's Hope Chest donation quilt.  
Also I could count it as one for the 100 quilts for kids
although I am not sure it will be finished in time for that one, but I am going to try.  
I donate all year to MHC though.  
Here is the top I was working on all laid out

It was a super easy one to make and went together quickly.  
I am planning on making a Michigan and Michigan State one.  
I figure they get a lot of girlie quilts so thought the sports teams would be a good idea.  
Last year Carin from MHC told me they were the first 2 chosen!
  Makes me feel so good!!

The top is finished but my quilter is out of town for the week. 
 Not sure she can get it done in the time frame to make it for the 100 quilts, but I am going to try.  Maybe I will get the MSU top finished this week?
  I have it all cut out.  
Planning on laying it out tomorrow night at quilting where I have a BIG space. 
 I also cut out a NCSU top with this pattern to use for my daughter who is attending school there. 
 I thought I might be a nice couch quilt.  

I sat down to rest and Fatty McFatty jumped right up and 
put her arms around my arm and would not let me get back up for a time. 
 Silly kitty!  

(Maybe she needs to go and visit her Auntie Dianne???)

 I decided it was time to try a new recipe this last week too.  

It was called Meatball Sandwich Casserole and it was amazing!!!

Even my hubby loved it.  
Super yummy and super easy, my kind of dinner!!

LOTS going on with my dad, long story short we are moving him into a retirement community.
The estimated move will be the first week of October.
WAYYYYY too much work to do to get his house ready to sell too.
Can you say Hoarders???

Have a wonderful week!



Pat said...

I like the looks of your donation quilt! at first I thought it was black yellow and white but now I see that it is Michigan fabric! (as in GO BLUE!) Hopefully Liz will be able to quilt it in time! :)

Brenda said...

Oh Pam, sorry to hear you have so much on your plate. I just heard from my sister my mother is going totally blind. She has been having shots to slow the process down but they are not really working any more. Not sure what we are going to do about this new battle. They all live in Indiana and my mother has not even told me yet. So I have to wait for her to spill the beans so we can talk about it. Where is your sister going to live. I am in the same boat. Working on gifts. But sometimes I can still post because not too many of the people I make gifts for check out my blog.

Millie said...

I like your blue and yellow quilt, it will be a gorgeous donation quilt. Do you mind sharing where you got the pattern? Thanks.

dianne said...

ha ha ha!!! auntie dianne LOVE her widdle fat kitty, yes she DOES!!!

now picture Fatty McFatty being a 14-month-old little boy with his arms wrapped around your leg while you are trying to get lunch together and yelling, "NONA! NONA! NONA! NONA!" whilst rubbing his snotty little nose all over your clean jeans and you can decide if it would be a fair trade - bwah ha ha!!!

margaret said...

I do hope your Dad settles into th retirement home and is happy there.
Great colours in the quilt. Thought I was seeing Alfie on your blog but it was fatty catty, just like my daughter`s cat that came to stay for a holiday, there is a picture of him on my blog.

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