Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ever Feel Like The Camel?

Have you ever had a stretch of time where you thought that one more straw and you would break? 
 I've been going through such a time.  
The stuff that's happening is WAY too much to talk about and kinda hard, but a few of my friends know everything that's going on so I do have some great support, so don't worry!

I often think that sometimes, when you are waiting for that "last straw" God puts some people in your path that make the load lighter, help shoulder the burden so to speak. 
 Become your own herd of camels. 
 So I wanted to take a minute and tell you about a couple members that have just joined my herd.

First up is my friend Tracey.  
We met during the Tula Pink swap I am hosting. 
 She has been a Godsend in helping me and Sylvia stay organized. 
She listens to me, we video chat and she has offered to take over the swap if I need her to. 
 She has a blog too and you should go and say "hi".

Next up is a woman I met at the AAMQG meetings.  
She is funny and outgoing and amazingly creative!  
I have never seen something that she made that was not incredible. 
 I got to know her better at our quilt retreat and recently we had a chat on Instagram.  
She is Houseofduke1, and her name is Vicky. 
 We had a meeting on Wednesday and when I walked in she grabbed my hand and pulled me into another room with a package in her hand and a smile on her face! 
 I opened the card and the box and her thoughtful gift brought tears to my eyes.  
She had made the most amazingly, adorable kitty pincushion. 
 I was so touched that someone would give me something so special 
(she originally made it for herself) 
understanding how much it would touch my heart!  
She told me I have to think of it as my "I am amazing" trophy!  
Thank you, my sweet friend, you lifted a few straws and I am grateful.

I bet you want to see this amazing gift right?  
Here you go:

See I told you!

Thank you to my amazing friends, new and old.
You guys in my herd are amazing and I would not ever trade you.



BillieBee (billiemick) said...

So glad you have a couple of camels on yourside Mama Sparks! Prayers from Texas....:) said...

Support is everything whether it be girlfriends or a great family. Lovely pincushion.

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

THANK GOD for good friends :)

Michele said...

Good friends are a true gift and I'm glad that you have many of them.

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