Friday, October 25, 2013

A Super Sloth Costume Finish and Dad Update

My Daughter that lives in NC requested that I help her make a Halloween costume.  
I was thrilled.  
Since my kids are grown and I have no grands I don't have much call to make costumes any more.  
My kids had homemade costumes when they were little.  
With everything that is going on with my dad I was not sure I would have the time. 
 Last weekend was supposed to be my weekend at home, when I could get the costume done.  
As it turns out my dad had a couple of back to back falls and 
I ended up waiting to hear from the hospital if he was alright.  
He was not all right.  
In one of his falls he broke his femur (thigh bone) 
right at the top where the prostetic part of his hip attaches to the bone. 

(This is the pic the doc drew to show me where the break was)

 So I packed up the car and drove to GR to be there for the surgery they told me he would be having. 
 I was at the hospital on Friday night and back on Saturday morning in time for surgery, 
which didn't actually end up happening.  
I got to see and speak with the orthopedic surgeon and 
because of my dad's age he was going to try a more conservative approach.  
He wanted my dad to try a brace to stabalize the leg and go into rehab.  
The thought being that if over a week or 2 the bone showed that it was healing
 it would be better to avoid surgery. 
 Dad is now in a rehab facility and seems to be doing well.  
He is in good spirits and says there is less pain and he is walking on his leg.  
I will be going back to GR on Saturday to do some more 
clearing out of "stuff" from the house getting it ready to be sold.  
Then off to visit with my dad.  
I was in GR until Monday night and he misses me being there all day every day for him.  
Unfortunately I don't think my work would appreciate it if I stayed there all day every day, 
although they really are being understanding.  
Great boss, for sure.

***Now on to the costume!***

I showed you some of the costume in a previous post.  
I was stumped on what to do for the top. 

 With her living so far away there was no way for me to make it and see if it would even fit her.  
So I went back to Joann's to brainstorm.  

Hmmmm maybe I could use and adapt this pattern to my purposes

 I could make one that laced up the front.  If it was too big no deal, but if it was too small she could just loosen the laces or leave it open entirely.  So here it is all finished!!

I was pretty proud of myself as I lined it, and put in grommets too.  
There are even darts in the fur and the lining!!!

I bought a pair of black gloves and sewed the fingers together so that there are 3 toes 
and the whole costume was finished!!!  
I laid it out for a photo so I could show you.  

I'm pretty sure she will be the cutest sloth ever!
She is buying some brown and cream paint for her face, with a little black for the nose.

I packed it up and popped it into the mail yesterday.

I made her promise to send me some pictures once she is all dressed up.

It felt great to have another finish!

I am linking up to Amanda Jean's Finish It Up Friday too.

Happy Friday to everyone!!!



~Diana said...

Hang in there! Thinking of you and your dad :) Great job on the costume!

Quilt n Queen said...

So glad you were able to get it finished...Kelsey will be thrilled. Take time to get a little sewing in...sewing is a great distraction to what is going on in our lives. Hope your weekend in GR goes well. Breath...again!!!

MAKingsley said...

Sad and glad news about your Dad. The costume is too cute! and very innovative!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

So glad to hear your Dad is coming along. Cute costume.

margaret said...

good to read Dad is able to walk a bit and has manages to avoid surgery, may I ask how old he is? The sloth costume looks super, lets hope she sends you a photo wearing it and you can share it with us all.

Impera Magna said...

So sorry to hear about your dad... how awful for him! I'm glad to hear he's healing and in less pain. Bless you for being by his side so much... I know he appreciates it...

GREAT costume! Ya done good, gf!

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