Sunday, October 13, 2013

We Are One Quarter Of The Way Done

We went to Grand Rapids again on Friday morning. 
 I brought the cat back to my dad and she hid under his bed! 
 Apparently she is still hiding.  
After we left the cat we drove to my dad's house and the dumpster, 
yes I said dumpster, 
was just being delivered. 
 It was a 20 yard dumpster and could hold 5000 pounds.  
It was about noon and we began in the basement. 
 It looked something like this.

I figure the video gives you the full effect. 
 Here are some regular photos too. 
 That multi colored wall is the fireplace. 
 Before we started you could not even see the floor as you can now.

Here is some more of the basement

At this point we had put in 1 sleeper sofa, a few chairs and one rooms worth of rolled up carpet. 
 Along with 4 mattresses.

Then we found this brown chair. 
 Or we thought it was brown, but when we took off the cushion we realized it really was aqua!!!  EWWWWW!!

This is looking down at the other end.  
I wish I could say we got that area all cleaned out. 
We did make a dent though.

Some of the amazing finds included this kitty on a pillow. 
 It was a pajama keeper. 
 It is now so dirty I think it is beyond claiming, sad.

 Upstairs I found this amazing chicken boy. 
 Anyone remember painting these?

We found this bunny boy too.   

Just a couple of amazing ceramic finds.

Now I need to find that old ceramic Christmas tree.

We spent the night at a hotel and we were beat!

When we finished on Saturday we had completely filled this dumpster.

One sleeper sofa
7 arm/recliner chairs
5 TV stands
4 mattresses
2 full rooms of rolled up nasty carpet
and too many garbage bags of stuff to count.

We piled some things we thought might sell in an estate sale in one of the bedrooms
We filled 3 or 4 boxes of things to bring home and sort through.
We brought some boxes home of stuff we thought the kids might like.

We managed to get about 1/4 of the basement cleared out.
Still have the shed and garage to do.
We cleaned out 2 of the 3 bedrooms, both bathrooms and half of the family room.
Still need to do the kitchen and the living room and one bedroom and part of the family room.

I called the dumpster people to tell them to come and get this one and bring another one.
We will go back on Saturday.

My dad wanted to know if we were all finished?
Yeah dad, we are all finished.

In my dreams!!



Donna~~ said...

I had one of those kitty pajama keepers that I put my pajamas in every morning. My kitty unsnapped too, so you could play with it. Thanks for the memory, and good luck with your cleaning--it looks overwhelming!

Dolores said...

I love the variations in speech. What you call a sleeper sofa, we call a pull-out couch. My son and his wife moved into my mom's house (when I was away on a trip) after she went into a long-term care facility (old folks home, nursing home, etc) and so he dealt with the stuff. She lived in a one bedroom bungalow so it wasn't too bad. I didn't know about it or I would have gone through it and perhaps designated differently where things went. Kinda makes you think of de-cluttering your own surroundings...

margaret said...

a mamoith task you have but you are making headroom. Fingers crossed you find the ceramic tree, maybe other goodies as well

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Bless you, and your family, as you persevere with this estremely difficult clean-out and transition. Hugs of encouragement~

Michele said...

Oh my that is a LOT of stuff to have to deal with. I so wish that I could come and help you. With an army you'd be finished so much faster.

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