Sunday, October 06, 2013

Ding Dong Kitty's In The Well

This weekend was move in weekend. 
 I went to GR and worked like a dog on Friday in preparation for the BIG day. 
 Oh boy, was it a BIG day too.  
We left dad's around 10pm and arrived back on Sat morning around 7am to start again. 
 The mover's arrived at 8am and the fun began.  
We got all the stuff my dad needed to live moved into his apartment. 
 It was a LOT of work. 
 Even with the paid professionals, but he is in and he is happy.  

I had to bring his cat home with me to get her shots and to get her declawed.  
We ended up home around 11:30 at night. 
 In the pouring rain. 
 I stopped to buy a brand new litter pan and brought her food. 
 I carried the cat in her carrier upstairs and shut the bedroom door, filled her food and water dishes, prepared the litter pan and headed off to bed without further thought about her. 
I heard some scratching around midnight but just ignored it.  
My mistake.

Stupid cat found a smallish hole we had cut in the drywall and crawled into the ac duct work.  
How do I know where she is?

Because I dropped my camera in and snapped this photo.  GAH!!!
I need her to come out and all she is doing is staring at the hole into the bedroom.

I have smelly cat food and tuna fish in the room trying to lure her out.  
I have no way to get her but to let her come out on her own.  
The bedroom is on the second floor and I can't get to the duct to take it apart without cutting a hole in my ceiling or in my floor and still not guarantee I could bust though the duct work without her going down that hole you see the wires going into 
(although that goes straight down).

Any suggestions? 
 I am considering calling animal control. 
 Maybe they can take a pole with a loop on it or something and lasso her? 
 I have no idea, just feel sick, and stupid and terrified that she will not come out and die in there
 and then what will I tell my dad???  

Well, I can't do this much longer. 
 My emotional health is stretched pretty thin at the moment.  

Add another straw please and hope the camel can deal.

The cat has come out of the duct.
The duct is now blocked by several layers of "stuff"
including a very heavy box.
So unless she develops super cat powers 
I think it is safe to say she is not going back into the duct.
Thanks for your concern!!



TiramiSue said...

Sometimes cats just need a little alone time when brought into a new house. I wouldn't start cutting holes just yet. Wait for a little while and see if she decides to show her face. She isn't going to die in there without food for a while yet and if you have some nice tempters she may well make an appearance sooner rather than later. Sue

Kitchener Quilter said...

A move can really throw off a cat, and they need time to adjust. Mine hid behind the couch for a week. I think they come out to get food when the house is quiet. Just make sure there is a way for her to get out, and she will make a move when she is ready. She'll be alright.

dianne said...

i've been thinking about you all weekend - but it didn't occur to me that you would end the day with a kitty in the well ... i thought only little boys named Timmy were silly enough to pull such antics - and Lassie was smart enough not to follow him ... maybe Animal Control IS the way to go - or they might have some suggestions (although the Animal Control officer who told me to climb up on the roof and thread a string down into the vent that a Very Stupid Pigeon had fallen through because birds are smart enough to know when someone is trying to rescue them and would take a hold of the string with its beak and let me pull it up is probably STILL laughing about his little prank answer) ... or maybe a cat rescue group would have some suggestions ... or your vet...

i just did a search on how to get a cat out of an air vent - it seems to be a common problem!!! food is what most people suggest - and one family had roto-rooter help them out ... you are doing everything that you can for now - quit beating up on my BFF in Canton!!!

Quilt n Queen said...

Don't you just hate it when you think you are doing everything right...and what you least expect happens!! I would entice her with food. She will come out when she is hungry.

Josie said...

It's hard not to but try not to stress to much. She's just nervous of her new surroundings and confused by all the upheaval. Just leave her food and close the room door so she can have some quiet time. Bet she's popping out for a look around and a little nibble when you're not about.... that's assuming she's not sitting at the bottom of a totally vertical drop. That might be a problem. Good luck.......

Judy in Michigan said...

Does she need something to climb up on? or is she level?? If she can't climb up then hang something that she can grab onto. Good luck. Our cat did that twice and she came out by herself.

Jeanne said...

Never a dull moment. So happy that kitty is back and safe.

carla said...

Oh Goodness!!! Glad she came out!!!! I know that would certainly cause lots of stress...shwew..things will get better!!!!

barbara woods said...

Very glad she came out

Tammy said...

I'm glad she came out. I know you have had it emotionally. Try to relax if you can and do something to get your mind off things for a bit.

ytsmom said...

Thank goodness for you and the cat! Hang in there.

margaret said...

what a relief to see your update the the poor cat is safely out of the duct.
Trust he will settle in his new home with Dad and dad will be happy there. Interested to read about the claws, does this mean that they will not grow back, sounds a Godsend as when my daughter`s cat come he claws the stair carpet and has made a terrible mess, dare not let him in the living room as he goes straight to the back of the couch and out come the claws.

Tiglizzyclone said...

I am glad all turn out ok. Cats are funny!! We have 5 cats here, all housecats. Last spring one of them got stuck under the house for 2 days and nights. In this part of California we have no basements.... only dirt. He was quite dirty when he finally came out!

Michele said...

Oh boy. That was a pickle she was in but I'm glad your story had a happy ending.

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