Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Some Recent Purchases and Stuff

I may not be getting in as much sewing as I would like but I have done a little shopping!  
Pink Castle was having a sale recently and I picked up these half yard cuts of 

Sun Prints Party Streamers by Allison Glass.  

After a hectic day at my dad's last Friday I stopped by Field's Fabrics 
where you never know what you will find and lo and behold I found these three 

Red Letter Day prints by Lizzy House.

So of course some of each one came home with me!

I have been at IKEA a LOT lately.  
It is about 2 blocks from my house!  
I saw the cutest rug there.  
I wish I had a bigger sewing room to put it in but I thought it would be great 
in someone's sewing room!

IKEA also had this great canvas of a woman doing the breast stroke, 
which was my DD2's stroke of choice when she swam competitively.   
I am still considering going back for it.

Now this is not a purchase but a "find" if you will from my dad's house.  
An old teeny tiny Singer!

Still MIB! 
 Can't wait to try it out and see if it really works.  
No time at the moment though.
But soon.

Last but certainly NOT least, my old Little Kiddles.  
I had despaired of ever finding these.  
I LOVED these little dolls as a kid.  


I found my Klub house and all of the dolls.

In fact I loved them so much I wanted my mom to change my name to Lola.  
There was a kiddle named Lola Little and she was my absolute favorite Kiddle.  
She was a sailor with long blonde hair, just like me!

I was not happy to see, when I pulled her out of the melee that part of her face had turned green!!!  Now she looks like Zombie Kiddle!!

  LOL  As far as I could tell all of the rest of the Kiddles were in great shape. 

Isn't it funny that this house full of Kiddles could make me so happy?  

What old toy do you remember fondly or was your favorite?



Mary Caldwell said...

My mom sold all my Little Kiddles at a garage sale~! Hold on to those, they're worth some money.

Brenda said...

That is great Pam! I remember little kiddles but my younger sister had them. I had another little doll that I loved but they were short and squat, cannot remember what they were called. And trolls.

M.W. said...

So funny reading this. First I also was at Pink Castle during the sale a bought the same 1/2 yard bundle you did. (along with some text fabric from Alison Glass). I too have some of the Little Kiddle dolls. I didn't play with dolls much but did love those. I don't have the box anymore but have some of the dolls and accessories I think. Now I will need to go downstairs and did them out. :)

Mama Spark said...

I tried to reply to you but you are set at "no reply". Obviously you live in MI, but where? Do you belong to the AAMQG too??

Mama Spark said...
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Michele said...

Those sales are dangerous on the wallet. I love your finds.

M.W. said...

I tried to email you privately but the email came back undeliveredable.
I am trying to figure out how to change to a non no reply but so far no luck.

Mama Spark said...

Hey MW, My personal email is I have a little blurb on my blog that tells you how to change from a no-reply blogger. It is right under the collage of people that follow my blog. Good Luck!

M.W. said...

Sent you an email.

charlotte said...

I loved the little Kiddles. My sis and I had a few. I had one with red hair and freckles that had a tricycle and a little boy one that was a fireman with a fire engine. Sadly, I have no toys from my childhood, but boy, do I have memories.

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