Wednesday, March 05, 2014

True Confessions?

Sad but true, I have not been doing much sewing lately.  
I am almost finished with a top that I am considering submitting to a magazine.  
So that means no photos yet. 
 I did finish a baby quilt but have not had time to get photos taken of that either!  
It's actually bound and everything!

What I have been doing is spending time with my dad and my family more.  
I see him almost every day.  
I feel like I am in a funk right now too. 
 We just lost a really great guy that has been a friend of our family's since I can remember.  
He was slightly older than me and my dad just adored him.  
Our dad's were good friends and so that's how I knew him.  
My dad used to go to all of his sporting events while he was in high school then followed him while he played at Grand Valley State. 
 His twin boys also played football at GVSU and my dad never missed a game. 
 He is going to be devistated when I tell him the news 
that he passed away from kidney cancer yesterday.  
It is just so sad.  

My dad's best friend has a son that is also dying of cancer of the throat and 
my dad is really sad about that too.  
I can't even Skype or Facetime with him as he can no longer speak. 
 I'm not sure my dad can make the 5 hour round trip to go to the funeral so I am not sure what to do about either of these things.

I am hoping that life cheers up a little bit soon.  
Sorry to be so melancholy but sometimes that's the way life goes right?  
I am hoping to get some photos of that baby quilt soon, it's adorable. 
 The second one is at the quilter's but I have decided to try something different on it.  
It has the words sunshine all over it so I am thinking of putting an off center sun something like this one

 Then having my long armer baste it and making rays go out from the spikes across the rest of the quilt.
What do you think of that idea?
This block pattern gave me the idea.

I guess there is a little creativity going on over here, it's just low key at the moment!

For my lovely finish for the month of March I would like to get this second baby quilt quilted.  I will link up and hope for the best!



~Diana said...

Life has its ups and downs, and it's ok to take time to have a lot on your plate right now. Soon the fabric will call you again...this is all a part of the journey. Funks happen :) wishing you peace through all of this. Sometimes just walking through a fabric store can help rejuvenate your creative soul...touch, feel, imagine what you can do.

Quilt n Queen said...

Sorry to hear of your loss...cherish the memories. It is always harder on the loved ones left to mourn...some how we always manage to get through these tough times. ((((hugs))))

margaret said...

it is sad when we lose the ones close to us and even more tragic when they are younger. I am so sorry.
Good though you are seeing so much more of your Dad like you say he might not be well enough to go to the funeral but you will be able to represent him, I had to do this a few times for my Mum when we lost those near and dear to us.

Bit concerned the cat fell of the bed when he woke, such a large area to sleep on and here he is perched right on the edge!

Impera Magna said...

The ups and downs of life are challenging and I'm glad you're spending time with your family during these tough times. Your sewing/quilting mojo will come back in its own time... take care of yourself, my friend!

Michele said...

Everyone has those days at time and you have to work through them in your own way. I'm sure the sun will shine again for you soon. Hugs.

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