Friday, March 14, 2014

Blocks for a New Friend

Since joining Instagram I have met some new folks.  
Interestingly enough some of them live in MI and not too far away either.  
One is Abby.  
She found out recently that her boyfirend's aunt has breast cancer. 
 This poor woman will be having a double mastecotomy shortly and Abby, as most of us are, 
was at a loss as to how she could help and let her know how much she is loved. 
 Abby is a quilter, and so of course making a quilt was what popped into her head first.  
It's so difficult to find the time to make an entire quilt especially by yourself, on a deadline!
  So she did what most of us would do, give a shout out for help!  
I know how this feels as I did this exact same thing last year so I volunteered to help. 
 She was asking for 9 patch and Ohio star blocks.  
I made 9 of the nine patch blocks and have 2 of the 4 (that I cut out) Ohio stars finished.  
My goal is to finish the other 2 tonight and mail them out no later than Monday. 
 I used mostly from my scraps which feels good too!

Sorry for the bad pics but it was night and I was too tired to get a real camera!  
If you remember, the fabric I used in this first star was the same fabric I used for the back
 of my friend that had cancer's quilt!

Madras plaid

Here are the Nine Patch blocks

Creepy Owls (one of my favorites!)

More owls but with an xoxo on the left side

So soothing

Reminds me of those gigantic puff balls you see on the huge dandelion looking weeds

Love me some DS Quilts

These dots are so rich looking

More DS Quilts and does that pink remind anyone else of jacks??

This is so much richer in person

Rainbows and flowers.  
What's not to love??

Alright, Abby, I will work on the other two star blocks tonight!  
I hope everything goes well for your BF's auntie.  
All my good thoughts and well wishes went into these blocks as I was making them.



Purple Quilter Queen said...

That's awesome! I've been seeing your pics on Instagram too.

beaquilter said...

Fun blocks! makes me want to do 9 patches, uhh maybe some D9Ps with some english charm fabrics I got last month.

Impera Magna said...

Gorgeous blocks... what a wonderful thing to do to help out a friend in need!!!

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