Monday, March 31, 2014

I Finished My March UFO for A Year of Lovely Finishes

I did manage to finish my March UFO. 
 It is a quilt that will be gifted so I can't show the whole quilt. 
 My goal was to get this quilt quilted. 
 I not only got it quilted but I also got it bound! 
 Now I am just waiting for the baby to arrive so I can put a label on it!  
Here is the quilting as seen from the  back. 
 Please disregard the fuzzies all over the back.
 As I was quilting it the batting left a lot of fuzzies on the navy backing!

I am very happy with how the quilting came out.
  The front is a gold color. 
 I had a dilema about how to bind it. 
 I wanted navy on the front but not the back. 
 I wanted gold on the back but not the front. 
 Our friend, Connie, had shown us how to make a two sided binding.
My friend Pauline has a tutorial on her blog that you can find it here.
I will probably be writing one too so I can have it here on my blog as well.
I thought it was cool, but never thought I would ever do it. 
 Until this quilt came along! 
 I made a two sided binding and I LOVE how it worked on this quilt.

You can see the navy on the front and the gold on the back. 
Anyone else want to know how to do this? 
 I will share a tutorial on how to do this soon!

I am linking up to A Year of Lovely Finishes 2014 since I met my goal!!

What are you working on??



dianne said...

i love the sun and rays! pretty doggone cool, little mama...

M.W. said...

I don't know how to do a double sided binding but would love to know. Can't wait to see the tutorial. Thanks for sharing

margaret said...

what you have shared of the quilt looks great, hope to see the front fully soon, like the quilting pattern and the double sided binding looks tremendous

roccagal said...

I luv the quilting and the binding is AWESOME!! i had never seen that before! cannot wait to get the tutorial!!!

sophie said...

I love the quilting design ... can't wait to see the front of the quilt.

Michele said...

Just fabulous and congrats on finding a solution that works so well.

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