Monday, March 10, 2014

More Cats

Just figured out how to make a new Header.
What do you think?

I didn't have much time to sew but I got a couple of cats done from the Catventalong.

I love making these little guys!! 
 I need some more solids in the yellow/green families to make more though.

I finished up the wedding quilt top and back today. 
 The back is awesome and it took forever. 
 This quilt is a beast at 88 x 100 inches. 
 I am considering how to have it quilted or how to quilt it myself.  

I got some happy mail this weekend too.

That #thegreatfabricdestash on Instagram has been good and bad! 
 I had some great helpers sitting on either side of me while typing.

On my left, Aiden

And on my right, Hallie.  
She was so cute with her arm wrapped around my new book 318 Patchwork Patterns. 
 Pricey but well worth it!!

So you can see there is some creating going on here after all.



beaquilter said...

Header looks great! and fun kitty blocks and real kitties approve of whatever it is they are sitting on

dianne said...

i lurve my Aiden cat...

and your kitty blocks just keep getting better and better!!!

Michele said...

The new header looks good and your typing companions look absolutely adorable and snuggly.

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