Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Helping Out The Detroit Area Modern Quilt Guild

My friend Vicky is the president of the DAMQG and they are making a quilt(s) for charity. 
 It is to support a cure for breast cancer and the blocks are super cute and paper pieced bras! 

Yes you read that right.  

There were 2 sizes and we were supposed to paper piece the larger size.
  I can't say I am the biggest fan of pp but I wanted to contribute to the cause
 so I sat down last night and made this.

It is difficult to tell but the trim is actually a metallic purple.  

While I love my friend Vicky, I have to say I did not love making this block. 

 It has made me realize I actually like to paper piece really small things
 not large things...at all!!  

I am glad to have made one and hope my small contribution will help!

Have a wonderful day.



AnneMarie said...

Your block looks great! Although I have to admit - I sometimes have a love/hate relationship with pp too.

On a different note - I saw you left a comment on Lee's Freshly Pieced blog about making 200 Patchwork Napkins for a wedding today. That is AWESOME!!! Please keep me in the loop on this. I'd LOVE to see pics, etc. When is the wedding?

Vickie Lewis said...

Is this a free pattern to make this and send them to the guild? You did a super cute one!

margaret said...

what a good way to draw attention to breast cancer, still not learnt how to paper piece,it is on my to learn list!

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