Monday, July 21, 2014

All My Napkins

A saga of napkin making is in progress. 
 I *finally* managed to get all 50 of my napkins finished this weekend.  
They are not perfect, but they are finished!! 
 I have learned a lot of things while making them. 
 Like how to glue the edges so they are a little bit straighter, how to miter the corners a little better and to use my walking foot to topstitch the edges down.  
All in all not too bad.
Now I am going to help Robin with her 50!

In stacks of ten of each color way.

All stacked together

Probably my favorite napkin of the 50

I made these little individual chicken pot pies too and boy were they GOOD! 
 (and super easy)
 Here they are before baking 

and here they are after baking

It was a busy weekend ( which ones aren't lately??)

What did you do over the weekend?


3 comments: said...

Your napkins are gorgeous, don't be surprised if people crash the wedding just to grab one and make off with it. Your pot pies look yummy did you just make up the recipe or find it somewhere?

dianne said...

ooooo!!! those pies look dee-licious!!!

the napkins are gorgeous, but i would have to smack-upside-the-head anyone who actually touched one to a messy mouth...

Bobbie said...

Could you please share your recipe for the chicken pot pies?

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