Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Napkin Nirvana

I think the napkin saga is finally coming to an end.  
On Saturday I was supposed to meet up with friends, Robin and Judith at Robin's house.  
She has a great screened in living space that we were going to work in.  
We had everything we needed and the day looked promising.  
Here is the venue we were working in.  
They use it as a guest room in the summer time.

Robin is a fabulous cook so she had her famous egg bake ready for us for breakfast when we arrived.  YUM!

We had to get right to work as I only had 2 hours before hubby was whisking me off to a tractor show.
I am in the green, Judith is next to me and Robin is across the table.  

 The task today was to glue the remaining 80 napkins. 
 (She has 20 more but the backing fabric has not arrived yet)

We happily glued for 2 hours.  
Robin has her elderly parents living with her and her mom is an artist.  
She can no longer do her painting and illustrations due to Macular Degeneration.  
She spent the entire day with us keeping us company, adding to our banter and keeping Robin in line, LOL 
(that was the funniest part!)

Then hubby arrived and took me to the tractor/tresher show in Mason.

I found something sewing related there.  
Too bad they were so pricey.  

I would have loved to have had this one!  
They were made to look like a tractor but also a sewing machine.  
Like the two of them had a baby!  
It was just for decoration,  (I asked) but they were super amazing!!!
(also not a sprinkler)

After the show hubby dropped me back off at robin's house and we glued some more!  
She made us a wonderful dinner and we even enjoyed some great wine while finishing up.  

We managed to get all 80 of the napkins glued up.  
Judith and Robin also got 40 of them sewn.  
I got to teach them both the joys of using your walking foot!  

The pattern is by Ann Marie of GenX Quilters and can be found here.

Don't they make a pretty stack?  
I believe there are 140 all finished!  
Not many more for Judith to make. 
 I did tell her that if she gets stuck I would help her make the last few.
(what was I thinking?)

It was a fun (?) project.  
Actually it was fun sewing with these two ladies in such a beautiful setting.  
We never even turned on the TV or music just listened to the birds and talked, glued and sewed.  PERFECT!  
We used to get together every year to sew a Big Ten quilt and 
I didn't realize until this weekend that I missed this so much. 
 I think we are going to have to try to get together one more Sat before the bad weather makes it impossible (screened in porch) to work and choose another project to work on. 
 We still have 3 Big Ten quilts to make for each of us.  
Hmmmm I see an idea forming!

How was your weekend?



~Diana said...

What a crazy project, but what a beautiful setting! And...who would make a tractor sewing machine that DOESN'T sew??? (a man!) :) Looks like a great day.

Karin D. said...

What a great setting for spending the day with friends sewing. Love the tractor sewing machines but am wondering what the Big Ten quilt is.

Mama Spark said...

Hi Karin, You are no reply so I have no email address to send to you but if you look here you can see the Big Ten quilt. Basically, it was a quilt made up of all the schools in the Big Ten conference (sports). Hope that helps!

margaret said...

so good to have got the napkins done. Shame the sewing machine is just for show. said...

Still thinking that some of your blog readers will be crashing the wedding just to get a pretty napkin. :D They are very pretty.

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