Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Just When You Thought It Was Safe

I thought with my napkins finished I was done.  
Hubby wants to go to the tractor show on Saturday.  
 I promised Robin and Judith that I would work on napkins with them.  
So the compromise is that I told Robin I would glue and 
stitch her 50 napkins this week and go for 2 hours in the morning on Saturday to help with Judith's.

I went home with all 50 of Robin's napkins.  Sigh, it was a long night!

The first group were these yellow ones.  
So pretty!

Next in the pile were these bold flowers.  I liked this fabric and the napkins are really pretty!

Autumn was tired with all of the helping she was doing so she took a little rest.

The last set of ten were in the same fabric as the last but a different colorway. 
 I think Autumn did not want these to go!

OK, so I have 3 sets of 10 more glued and ready to stitch.  
I plan on doing the stitching tonight. 
 I should be able to glue up the last 2 sets of 10 tomorrow night at quilting.

I will be pretty happy to see this come to an end.  
The good news is I can glue these in my sleep and am getting much better at the "line" being even all the way around!

Are you sick of seeing napkins yet?



Scrapatches said...

Not at all. The napkins are lovely and I can see why kitty does not want to see them go ... :) Pat

Brenda said...

Wow how? They look great!

dianne said...

you are cuh-razee, little mama! even Autumn thinks you oughta not let them go!

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

You are getting quite the assembly line going there. I like your compromise. We had a tractor show here last weekend. We went early for the farm auction, wandered around to see the tractors until they were near the lots that we wanted to bid on. Paid for our items and then home for some work. Where is the tractor show this weekend?

Judy in Michigan said...

There's an antique tractor show up here near Boyne Falls (Flywheels??) Lots of people already camping at the grounds. Would you please tell us (me) about how you glue the napkins?? I assume just to hold the fabric so you can sew them but what kind do you use, etc. Thanks. Glad you are almost done!!

Judy in Michigan said...

I went back to see your older posts so I now know that you used Elmer's washable glue. Did you have to make each little block on each napkin too? What a wonderful idea but what a lot of work - I hope you get to keep some after the event.

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