Friday, October 24, 2014

My Guys

I don't have a lot on the quilty front to post about right now. 
 I am almost finished with my Secret Stalker Swap mini quilt, but I can't share it yet.  
I basted another chenille blanket, but forgot to take pictures, maybe tomorrow. 
 I started on my Crayon Challenge quilt but don't have much to show with that either. 
 Lame I know!  I did join another swap on IG.  
Bitches Get Stitches.  
I think it will be fun. Potty mouth fun!  
Loads of fun women in this one.  It should be interesting!

Hubby got a chance to go fly with a friend and they took our son along.  
They flew from Jackson down to Indy and had lunch.  
I think it was good for him to be out flying again. 
 I know how much he really misses it.  Here is a pic of the two of them from that day.

We will be helping our eldest get ready for her Halloween party next week most of this weekend.  Also the BIG game is on tomorrow.  


Have a wonderful weekend!



Judy in Michigan said...

Aren't you afraid to utter "Go Green" so near to AA??? LOL Glad your husband and son got to fly in that little plane - I know my DH misses it too.

margaret said...

nothing to show but you have a few things in the go look to see them finished soon. The crayon quilt sounds interesting and also the Bitches get Stitches have not heard of either of these. Must be hard for DH he must be missing his work., I do hope something turns up for him soon

sophie said...

Go green! I watched from home yesterday and it brought back all kinds of college memories.

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