Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Of Peacock Pens and Quilts

My weekend was pretty awesome. 
 I got to work on the quilt I am pattern testing for Just A Bit Frayed. 
 It is called Fair Isle.  I love the finished quilt. 
 Setting it all on point, not so much.  
I worked all afternoon and into the evening on Saturday. 
 I ended up using my hall way wall for my design wall. 
 I put up the portable design wall flannel using tape and it went pretty well.  
Here it is in progress.
Linking up to WIP Wednesday
(I can share as it is going to be a free pattern for RJR to promote their solids.)

As I fell asleep on Sat night this was the view from my bedroom door.  Pretty sweet huh?

My plan was to finish the piecing on Sunday but instead I ended up at Shelby's to help finish the peacock pen.  I really didn't do much work but we spent the ENTIRE day there!!! 
 By the time we got hoe I was wayyyyyy too tired to work and didn't really feel all that great either.

I ended up with a fever so spent Monday at home (sewing).
I did get the entire top finished (with a few minor snags).

I dropped it off for quilting and hope to have it back soon to do the binding.

I'm sure Kathy will do an amazing job, as usual with the quilting.

Want to see the peacock pen in progress?

Shelby called her friends to come over and help us. 
 My husband has a degree in engineering and has planned out the entire pen and house. 
 BUT, some of the nerdy helpers thought they new best.  
Ever see this episode of The Big Bang Theory?  

It was something like that.  Made me giggle

Here are a few shots of the pen in progress

Yep, it was kinda like that.  
As they were rolling the second roll across the top they were a foot short in the width. 
 As my daughter was telling me this it dawned on her 
that they were using the 5 foot wide roll not the 6 foot one.  
They already had a few staples in it. 
 Eric, good sport that he is took them all out and they started that section over again.  

I think just the window and door and a little paint are left and it is ready for occupancy!!  
I will keep you posted.

How was your weekend??


4 comments: said...

I was thinking about the peacock the other day and wondering if they found another. I thought my chickens had the Taj Mahal, the peacock is going to have quite the formidable home too! Hope you are feeling better.

Michele said...

The quilt looks great and so does the new pen.

Judy in Michigan said...

What a mansion!! Maybe you could make curtains for the windows and doors??? LOL I love projects like that - and I am Penny to my DH's ideas. Love the new quilt too!

margaret said...

what a team u all made making this pen, he /she is certainly going to have a lot of space to call his/her own

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