Thursday, October 09, 2014

Oh Fall How I Love Thee

On the weekend while I was at my daughter's watching them all work on the peacock pen, 
I decided to take a walk and take some color inspiration photos. 
 I wanted to try to capture some great fall colors and shots. 
 First up are some I shot of our dog, Abbey.  She is a beautiful golden fall color all the time!

Then there were the amazing leaves everywhere.  Red maple is one of my favorites.

Sassafras is also beautiful.  This one looks like the state I live in.  Anyone want to guess?

So pretty with the red/orange against the vibrant greens.

You can't leave out the beautiful berries with their red and pink goodness.

These are just weird pods. Not sure what they actually belong to but they were kind of cool.

I love the look of the delicate white wisps of fluff that carry the Milkweed seeds to new homes.  These pods were literally exploding with their seeds.

This one concerns me a little bit.  Can you tell what it is?  
Ever heard "leaves of three let it be?"
YEP, It's Poison Ivy and it has grown into a TREE!!!
This thing is HUGE.

Lastly I leave you with a Praying Mantis.  
It looks like a pregnant female so daughter is keeping it to get the egg case and have them hatch in her area in the spring.

What a great fall color palette to inspire some fall colored quilting!

Are you making any fall colored or themed quilts?  
I don't happen to have any going currently.
I hope to have a Halloween one going for next year. 
I hate to start a new project but there are so many great fall/Halloween ones out there I may not be able to resist making one too.

I hope you enjoyed the color inspiration.


5 comments: said...

Your poison ivy isn't red? It is a great mimicker sometimes it looks like wild grape.

margaret said...

some lovely colours here, we do get a change of colours but nothing as good as you do in your part of the world,

Lana said...
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Lana said...

Yes...poison ivy alarming! and I might just be dumber than dirt as we say in Texas, but #1 how did you know that was a pregnant female and #2 why would you keep them so you would have them? are they good for a garden?
Just asking... Also, your fall leaves are beautiful there! We go from light brown in the summer to dead brown in January...those are our two seasons. hehehe!

Brenda said...

Wonderful picture of Abbie you should frame that one!

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