Monday, October 27, 2014

The Weekend

How was your weekend?  Mine was pretty fantastic! 
 On Saturday I got to watch my Spartans beat Michigan!  Yeah, that NEVER gets old, ever! 

 I received some awesome mail too. 
 A very good friend of mine is helping me complete Hocuspocusville (HPV not the virus), by Crabapple Hill.  She has exquisite hand work!  Wanna see?  I need to press it but isn't it fabulous?!  Thank you so much dear friend!

I was sent out to do some shopping.  They should know better then to send me out to shop!  
"Pick up a few things for me will you?" he said as he left to finish the peacock pen.  
Sure but don't blame me if other stuff follows me home!

How could I resist this amazing peacock door mat for Long Feather Lane?  Obviously I couldn't!

Bed Bath and Beyond, Marshalls, and Michaels, then on to the Salvation Army thrift shop.  
Lookie at what I scored!  
Shelby wanted one of these for the hot cider for her party on Friday, so of course I had to stop and see if I could find one.  
Luckily for me they happened to have one!  As you can see it is in the cart!

I did manage to work on this little quilt that I still can only show you sneak peeks of, 
but it is ready for gifting!  Hallie approved too!

I worked some on cleaning, laundry and such too.  
I did get my crayon challenge quilt cut out and some of it sewn too.  
More about that later.  

I just got a call and we are closing on my dad's house on Wednesday. 
 It feels good and also a little odd.  This is the house I grew up in. 
 My parents built it and we moved in when I was 5years old. 
 It is kind of bittersweet to be selling it but also a HUGE relief!  
It was the last part of "all things dad" that I needed to do to close the chapter on that part of my life.  No more being anyone's daughter. 
 It is a milestone I am sad to see come. 
 I miss my dad.

Today also marks the 2 year anniversary of Jack's passing.
  I think you have one pet in your lifetime that you have a very special bond with 
and for me that was Jack.  
I still miss him every single day. 
 It hurts less, but there is still an empty spot in my heart.  

RIP dad and Jack.  Maybe you are keeping each other company?  I hope so!


3 comments: said...

Glad that your father's home sold. I am sure it is bittersweet too. Great finds though while shopping, and love your stitchery which was finished.

margaret said...

love the embroidery of the potting shed beautifully done. You have been busy. lots of buys. Good that the house sale has been completed but sad to see the family home go. I too am parentless how I miss both Mum and Dad.Jack certainly was a handsome cat, he is now on my pinterest cat board.

Lana said...

I can't wait to see that quilt in full...there are some intriguing items going on there....hmmmm.....

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