Wednesday, November 05, 2014


Yes I know it is not Halloween or October any longer but we had a Halloween party and 
I wanted to share a few things with you.  
The BEST part  was when my daughter dressed up her cat, Lenore, as a peacock. 

 I am fairly certain Lenore did not agree!

We did some food prep that turned out pretty cute!  I was loving these pudding cups.

 She made "eyeballs" using Gouda cheese, ketchup and black olives.  
She couldn't make the "veins" very well and ended up using a needle and syringe.  
It worked perfectly!

She had rented a tent and we decorated it. 
 It was so cute, but we couldn't be outside as it was raining and so so cold!

One of my favorite things she got this year was this cat skeleton.  (It was plastic). 
 I think we need to get it a collar and 
a name tag for next year with a sign saying we forgot to feed her!

It turned out to be a small party but it was fun to spend time with my daughter prepping. 
 We used to host a Halloween party every year at our house when the kids were small and
 now she wants to carry on that tradition.  
I have gifted her all my Halloween "stuff".  

Hmmm, I wonder who wants all the Christmas stuff??  LOL

Back to quilty stuff soon, I promise. 
 I am making another chenille blanket and need to get the binding on a quilt.
  I am hoping to make the binding and attach it before quilting tonight so I can have a few hours to hand stitch at quilt group tonight.

I am taking a paper piecing class next week,
 being taught by Carolyn Friedlander at Pink Castle Fabrics.  
The pattern she is teaching is her new one Outhouse
 I am very excited to go to the class and also her trunk show!



Judy in Michigan said...

Very fun! It's nice when your daughters/sons carry on a tradition. I'm surprised that the costume stayed on the cat - they can wiggle out of almost anything!! I looked at the Outhouse pattern and it struck me that one of my favorite patterns was by Carolyn - Grove!!! I have some of those blocks made and I should put that on top of my UFOs!! Have fun tonight. said...

I like the cat skeleton, and the cat in costume. Great that your daughter is carrying on the traditions.

Pinkadot Quilts said...

How fun! I love how you told us the cat skeleton was plastic!
I am doing a paper pieced project by CF too, Facing East. I love it!

dianne said...

i'll bet that Lenore would be perfectly fine withe the cat skeleton wearing the peacock costume next year - ha ha ha! and that eyeball is SO disgusting - i lurve it!

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