Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Looking For Water

I have decided to make a quilt for my daughter's boyfriend.  
He is working on his PhD in fisheries. 
 He LOVES to fish!  
If that guy could make a living fishing I think he would do it!  
So I actually unearthed some fish fabrics that I had collected a LONG time ago and decided I would make one for him and one for my husband (who is actually just as crazy about fishing).  
Next was to think about a pattern or patterns to use to display said fish fabrics. 
 I found a pattern that I really like and think that is what I will use for the one for Carson.  
My issue is that there is a lot of negative space (which I love and will fill with water quilting). 
 I need to find just the right fabric for "water".  

At first I was thinking solid, but I don't want that, too flat I think.  
So I did a LOT of looking around and decided that I want to use fabric from the Moda Grunge line. 
 I have used different Grunges in past quilts and have always been happy with the outcome.  
It is a great neutral fabric without overpowering your design while adding some depth and character.  My issue is which color? 
 I can't see them all in one place and I'n not sure if I can judge them from the photos online. 
 I don't want it too dark or the dark fish fabrics won't show up. 
Daughter tends to the blue/blue-gray pallette.  
Here are the 4 I have it narrowed down to.  

Go here to see Avalanche

Go here to see Blue

Go here to see Ocean

Go here to see Charmed

I am leaning toward Avalanche or Blue but would like some other opinions.

I know it is difficult to decide without seeing the fish fabric, but suffice it to say mostly, greens and browns in all this fishy goodness.  
I will try to get a photo tonight before we have not sun.

I appreciate any and all opinions!



Anita in Florida said...

I like Charmed...there's alot of movement going on with the green. Can't wait to see what other fabrics your are using.

Monica said...

I like Charmed also. it reminds me of the same grunge used in two of my favorite Basic Grey lines. I can easily see it used as water.

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

I am leaning toward the charmed too. I think I have seen avalanche and it was kind of gray. One of my best friends while I was growing up majored in fisheries and runs a fish hatchery in Colorado.

Marlene said...

I have to also say Charmed was my immediate choice. Good luck with your decision.

Judy in Michigan said...

Wow, for once I am in the majority. I like Avalanche too but I think Charmed looks more "fishy" and will play well with the colors of the fish. Lots of depth and yet not too dark. Can you order small pieces of each to try??

margaret said...

charmed jumped ot to me fkirst as it has a watery shade to it, just read previous comments and we all seem drawn to charmed

Betty Woodlee said...

Charmed appealed to me too. Though Avalanche was a close second.

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